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What is a Dryrobe?

You can’t be in most South Coast towns and beaches without seeing someone wearing a Dryrobe. They are the latest must-have beach accessory and for a very good reason. Marketed as ‘The World’s warmest, most versatile change robe’ Dryrobe as a brand, has gone from strength to strength.

Quick Verdict

Camo Dryrobe

We love the Dryrobe for it’s warmth and ease of getting on and off. Suitable for anything outdoors.

This Camo design is really eye-catching, making you stand out from the crowd.

What is a Dryrobe?

Whilst Dryrobe is the name of the brand, their outdoor changing robe is known to most as a ‘dryrobe’. Designed by UK surfer, Gideon Bright, it was himself and his mother who came up with the idea of designing a coat that could dry you as well as keep you warm.

The interior has towel lining and the outside has a waterproof and windproof layer. This is great as it means you stay well protected from the elements.

The Dryrobe changing robe dries you quickly thanks to the wicking material inside the jacket. It is oversized to allow you changing comfortably underneath it. Getting yourself out of a wetsuit is often a wrestling match against yourself. Well the Dryrobe gives you plenty of room to lift up knees and pull on sleeves, while not exposing yourself to the general public.

Even though the Dryrobe started off as solution for surfers changing on a cold day, the changing robe has been become popular in may different scenarios. We spend a lot of our time travelling in Devon and Cornwall and Dryrobe users ourselves, we used to see them a lot in the colder months but now, we see them all through the year.

We as a family, can absolutely confirm that the Dryrobe really is worth the hype. Not just for it’s original use of changing on a cold day after a surf. There are many occasions we have used them to keep us warm, from camping to sitting on the beach on a cold day.

With a bit of research and just looking around a coastal town, people are wearing them for early morning dog walks, grabbing their first coffee, walking to and from the shower block on the campsite.

Other elite sports use a Dryrobe such as; triathletes and open air swimmers. In fact a lot of people and enthusiasts who enjoy the great outdoors are using a Dryrobe for its warming interior fleece lining that protects from the harshness of the cold. Even celebrities are being spotted in them in-between filming!

You can read of some people finding the Dryrobe ‘take-over’ as a negative, and taking away from the fact that this changing robe only belongs on the beach to surfers. We’re not going to give that hashtag any attention. What really should be celebrated is how a UK born and bred surfer, with his mum, invented one of the best surfing products out there. Dryrobe is the original weather proof changing robe and their success is inspiring!

Dryrobe Information

  • A completely waterproof and windproof outer shell fabric
  • Synthetic Lambswool lining (100% Recycled Polyester)
  • Full length 2-way reversible YKK® zip
  • Minimal sealed seam construction
  • Deep external fleece warm lined pockets
  • Internal zip entry phone, iPod, MP3, or wallet pocket
  • Weight: 1.3kg

Our Top picks from Dryrobe

Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeved Camo Pink

Dryrobe camoflage changing robe

This Dryrobe is one of their most eye-catching designs, seen on both men and women. We love this one, with bright pink lining it really does stand out. The long sleeves give extra warmth and are big enough for you to slip your arms in to get yourself changed easily. The camouflage design gives it a nice festival theme, so I would expect to see this Dryrobe out and about as well as at the beach.

Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeved Black

Dryrobe Black and Blue Changing robe

If the camo and pink design is too daring, then this simple yet stylish offering looks just as good. With its large and loose fit, it offers warmth and comfort when outdoors. The inner layer stays dry no matter how many times you’ve been in the water. The perfect Dryrobe for keeping a low profile at the beach!

Dryrobe Short Sleeved Changing Robe – Black and Grey

Short sleeved Dryrobe changing coat

If you like your arms to have a bit more freedom then you can get the Dryrobe with the short sleeves. The changing robe still keeps you just as warm. You will still be kept warm once out the water, but you’ll also keep more freedom with your hands. This is great when you’ve got lots of stuff to load back into the van or car.

Kids Short Sleeve Dryrobe Changing Robe – Camo and Grey

Kids Dryrobe Changing Coat

We loved it when Dryrobe brought out kids versions. They are so handy for children to wear on the beach, or when you are walking to use the beach facilities. This design looks really good and comes in two sizes. There is the XS for 5-9 years old, and is suitable for children up to 134cm. Or you can get the S for 10 – 14 years old, which is suitable for 135cm – 164cm tall.

Kids Long Sleeved Dryrobe – Red

Kids long sleeves Changing robe

There is nothing worse than when your kids get cold at the beach. It is the beginning of the end for your day. The kids Dryrobe’s are designed just like the adult version. They will help your children stay warm and dry at the beach. They also offer the privacy they will want when getting changed. Kids are often in and out of the water more than adults so changing them privately becomes essential.

If you think your child or teenager would benefit from a bit more coverage, this Dryrobe for children is the advanced long sleeve version. The long sleeved come with velcro fasteners at the end so it can be adjusted to suit. We love this red design as it really stands out in a crowd, however they have various other colour options.

Dryrobe Outdoor Dog Coat

Dryrobe Outdoor Dog Coat

We couldn’t not include the Dryrobe dog coat! Not only does it look very cool and comfortable for your dog but it really does do the job well. The Dryrobe dog coat is easy to slip on, it is soft and gives good coverage. We like the reflective piping as an added safety when walking at night. For those cold walks on the beach, or around the village – who wouldn’t want to be in matching coats with their pet!

best dryrobe changing robes

Should I get a Changing Robe or a Hooded Towel?

Not sure which one to get? We actually have both and find they both have their uses throughout a trip to the coast. However, if you wanted only one then we would say it is personal preference and also when you need them for.

If you live by the coast or are a keen outdoor water sport enthusiast, then a changing robe might suit you better as you would be doing these activites all year round. That is where the Dryrobe changing robe comes into it’s element, when it is a cold day and you need warmth quickly whilst you sort yourself and any equipment out.

If you are looking for something to get you dry when you’re at the beach on holiday, perhaps a hooded poncho towel is more suitable. More than likely you will have headed to the beach on a warm day (if it’s a holiday) therefore you won’t be needing a changing robe for it’s weatherproof element. The hooded poncho towels are ideal for getting changed out of wetsuits or swimsuits and you can keep them on for comfort without getting cold – if the weather is mild. Most do dry pretty quickly.

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