Wave SUPS Review

Are you looking for a paddleboard kit that is affordable, high quality and hard wearing? The Wave SUPS company has made sure that you have everything you need in order to get on the water straight away. We have done a Wave SUPS Review to give you some reassurance in your purchase.

I first found out about this brand through some lazy internet searching. 

I was looking for a “Wave Sup” to test out on a surfing wave and found the brand Wave SUPS. I soon realised that they produce a wave rider paddleboard, but also that they produce cruiser and tourer paddleboards for more placid waterways.

The paddleboard scene is something that has grown on me. I’ve got older and have young kids, so it allows for a more family friendly day out. I feel that paddleboarding allows you to be more sociable than a day on the waves, which is why I have gone down the rabbit hole of testing different products and sharing my findings. 

Hopefully by the end of this article you will know which Wave SUP product suits you, and why you should invest your hard earned money into buying one.

Quick Verdict

This is a very high standard paddleboard at an affordable price

With this deal you get everything you will need inside one bag. You can be on the water in minutes.

Are Wave SUPS Any Good?

The most important part of this article is probably whether or not you should buy one of the Wave SUPs. When I am researching things I want to buy but that I have not tried myself, I want the reassurance that I am not being ripped off. 

Well the short version of this review is that these are high quality paddleboards. If you are looking for a paddleboard kit on a budget, then I think you will be hard pressed to beat them. 

The prices of these boards are very reasonable, given the high performance they offer. We’ve sampled a large range of paddleboards and the ones from Wave have quickly become some of our favourites to ride, especially when I take cost into account.

They are well designed and built to last. All of the boards are made from a single layer military grade PVC material that is incredibly durable and hard wearing. These paddleboards will stand up to the inevitable dragging and banging against the outside world. 

For the price you pay you can’t really expect to get a drop stitch material. However, what you do get with the Wave SUPs are a lightweight paddle board that is rugged, whilst also being user friendly. The lightweight material allows for an easier transport and fold away procedure. 

With a range of vibrant colour options, the Wave SUPs are a perfect entry into the paddleboarding world.

Which Wave SUP Should I Buy?

The Wave Pro SUP is our favourite paddleboard, maybe it’s because of the more premium features. The Wave Pro inflates to a higher PSI (20PSI) than the tourer and cruiser (15PSI) and is designed for more advanced riders. It’s got a more pointed nose, which we found performed better on some small waves when trying our hand at surfing.

Surf Paddleboard

The Wave SUP Pro is aimed at a more advanced border (not sure why I was on it). The EVA deck pad offers a solid base to stand on. It feels nice and grippy so you can focus on the journey ahead and not your feet slipping off. The detachable fin gives solid steering, especially if you are trying to work on a wave.

We have spent a good few hours on the Wave Sup Pro and it performed well in calm conditions. In terms of glide across the water, it was smooth and easy to ride. With a consistent stroke I was able to build up speed without feeling unstable.

The board felt very secure and I like the fact that you can inflate it to a higher pressure. It felt very solid underfoot. It comes with an elasticated cargo storage, so you can strap down your essentials for the day. If you’ve invested in a cool box you don’t want it falling into the ocean, so this helps with your peace of mind.

There are two size options to choose from: 10ft and 11ft. The manufacturer advises the 6 ft marker as guide when choosing the most suitable size board. If you’re under 6 ft, then opt for the 10ft option. If you’re over 6 ft or 70 kg (154 lbs), go for the 11 ft option, for increased stability.

I would strongly advise first time paddleboarders to look at some of the other options on offer ahead of the Wave SUP Pro as they have some that offer greater stability. 

The Wave SUP Classic Cruiser and Tourer are the best budget paddleboard that Wave makes. It’s got a fuller nose than the Pro, so you’re less likely to wobble off. It can be inflated up to 15 PSI and has all the durability as their top level board.

 Beginner Paddleboard

For those intermediate paddleboarders they have designed the “Woody”. Again, this product come with the same level of durability, yet are more of a family friendly style board. You can take these paddleboards of any many different waterways. So whether it’s your local lake or canal, you will have a fun time on one these popular paddleboards.

Wave SUP Woody

What Is Included In The Wave SUPS Kit?

Wave SUPs come with a bundle of goodies that make it the perfect starter kit for any new or experienced paddleboarder.

First off you get a premium paddle. The Carbon Shaft Nylon Paddle is adjustable to suit nearly all sizes of riders. You will not need to worry whether you are getting the right sized paddle as you can easily adjust it to suit your needs. It’s light and user friendly, making your paddling a positive experience. 

Paddleboard Paddle

Your paddle will slide nicely into the Padded Backpack that comes as standard. Let’s be honest, the best thing about modern SUP’s are the ease of transport and this backpack works well. You can get all your kit inside and the padded shoulder makes it pretty easy going, without burning your shoulders. 

The pump that is included allows for a high pressure, quick inflation. It’s easy to use and gives a good workout on the arms! You also get a Kayak Conversion Seat, should you want to take it easier and have a sit down. Ideal if you are going on a slightly longer adventure.

The other bits that are included are a coiled ankle leash, quick release fin and puncture repair kit. All of which means once you buy a Wave SSUP, you are ready to hit the water straight away. The only extra purchase we advise is a high quality buoyancy aid and wetsuit.

What Are Wave SUPS?

Wave SUPS are a UK brand that have been designing and producing high quality paddleboards since 2016. Over the last seven years, the company has managed to push the limits of creativity, by designing some of the best paddleboards you will find.

Their style of premium design and quality materials mean that you get a high performing product that you can trust. When you go shopping on the internet it can be a minefield trying to choose the right paddleboard kit.

With Wave SUPS you get the reassurance that you aren’t being ripped off with a substandard product. They have a varied and extensive range of paddleboards that will suit every style of rider and we have gone to some lengths to test out their products.

Are Wave SUPS Environmentally Friendly?

Most manufacturers these days are trying their best to reduce their impact on the planet. I have found that the water sports industry are better than most when it comes to this. They strive to put the ocean and waters in the forethought of their creations.

The Wave SUPS have worked in partnership with Ecologi, which is an environmental organisation that is aiming to reverse climate change. 

The benefit of purchasing a Wave SUP is that you will be doing your bit for the environment, as  for every Wave SUP sold a tree is planted!