Trail Outdoors Folding Beach Trolley Review

The latest trend of consumer convenience has led to the creation of foldable beach trolleys. People have done away with carrying everything around with them and decided one handy pull along trolley is much more accessible. Given the fact that they pack away neatly into your car boot and can be expanded in seconds makes the folding beach trolley a really innovative and useful product for families to own. We have made the Trail Outdoor Leisure Folding Beach Trolley our top pick when it comes to days out and in this article we take a closer look at why you should consider it too.

Quick Verdict

Foldable Beach Trolley

We like this beach trolley because it’s wheels perform well on sand.

It’s so easy to use and folds away into a very compact space.

What Is A Foldable Beach Trolley?

The foldable beach trolley is seen everywhere these days. One misconception is that the beach trolley is just for the beach. These pieces of equipment can be used all year round to help you transport your gear around.

My parents have one and use theirs as a gardening trolley. Due to their sturdy build design, you can load plants, pots and gardening equipment inside and then pull it around as you garden. Alternatively you may be off to a festival or out for a picnic. The easy pull features mean you can take lots more with you for your day out. This helps in terms of cost. We have saved a fortune on meals out as we can load up a picnic, chairs and cool boxes and set up camp wherever we want.

Wide Wheel Trolley

The foldable beach trolley, as you would imagine, folds away. This is helpful as it means you can store it neatly away once you have finished using it. As a family with a small garage, we often struggle for space. The fact that this beach trolley folds away easily and neatly means that we aren’t losing space inside our shed or garage. It also means that when it comes to packing your car, you don’t lose out on that valuable boot space. Any holiday in the UK means that you’re taking some suitcases with you, so the last thing you need is a big trolley taking up a large portion of your car boots capacity.

What Makes A Good Folding Beach Trolley?


As a family we mainly use our beach trolley specifically for the beach and this is where the Trail Outdoors Beach Trolley comes into it’s own. Unlike most beach trolleys this one has a deep tread and wide wheel. The benefit of the wide wheel is that the weight is distributed, which makes it easier to pull, especially on wet sand.

Pulling a beach cart with narrow wheels is really difficult as it doesn’t have the traction to spin. This is especially the case when the trolley is fully loaded. With the trail outdoor leisure beach trolley the wheels sit on top of the sand and roll over more easily. On my last trip to the beach I saw two men struggling with their narrow wheeled trolley and they said “that what we need” as they saw out Trail Outdoors Beach Trolley.

These wider wheel also perform well when pulling across grass and mud. Thanks to the deep tread, the wheels won’t slip as it’s being pulled. Instead the wheels dig into the ground, making light work of pulling in difficult conditions. So if you are looking for a trolley to help you at a festival, then this one is definitely worth investing in.

Another wheel feature is the 360 degree spin. You will more than likely be pulling one of these along roads and tracks that require some tight steering. Thanks to the 360 degree rotation on the front two wheels, steering and cornering is easy. Once you are in someone’s way, you can soon spin around to manoeuvre the beach trolley wherever you want. Our kids love pulling it to the beach which makes my life even easier.

Speed Of Assembly

When I shout “Avengers Assemble” my family knows I am about to fold out the beach trolley. Thankfully I remain in a good mood as this is a fast and efficient process. I can be accused of having zero DIY skills and a short temper. This therefore makes a perfect remedy for some fall outs, should the beach trolley require any type of skill or problem solving brain. Thankfully the trail outdoors beach trolley folds out and is ready to use in about 30 seconds.

When closed, the beach trolley will have all four wheels lined up horizontally. Once out of the protective cover the beach trolley pretty much does the work for you. You push down the middle section and the trolley is flat. You will now need to push the two rear wheels to an outside position so that all the wheels are symmetrical. This is very easy to do.

Closing the trolley is the same process put in reverse. Having had children I’d compare the process to a travel cot. It’s really quick and easy to use, which is why any innovative product takes off. The foldable beach trolley has solved the problem of carrying equipment around.

Once folded down you are left with a narrow object that packs neatly away in your car boot or garage. On a recent holiday we had two large suitcases as well as the usual large belongings with us. The beach trolley being narrow and compact meant that we are left with plenty of space.

Easy to use beach trolley

Taking The Load

Another benefit of this beach trolley is the load and weight allowance. You will be able to fit lots inside this beach trolley. This is thanks to a generous storage capacity and a 60 kg load limit. A typical day at the beach for us means that our beach trolley is full. We pack items such as a cool box, bodyboards, beach tent and paddleboards. The cool box will be full of beers and ice and the trolley has never once felt unable to take the strain. 

Sometimes there are even little humans inside. After a long day, our two kids often climb inside to save their tired legs. The strong steel frame design and 600d polyester storage liner are tough enough to handle this. 

A note on the liner. It is hard wearing and water resistant which is great for longevity. But what I love most is the colour. There are three colour options with this beach cart and I think the blue and red are great. It’s a bright, playful colour that stands out. The matching wheels are also the perfect accessory.

Best Trolley For Beach

Other Features

When considering which beach trolley to buy there might be some other features with this one to consider.

At 11.5kg it is a lightweight vessel. This is an advantage for lifting in and out of a boot. If this is for someone who isn’t too strong, the lighter the trolley the better. Thanks to its foldaway protective cover, you get a nice handle that makes moving around when folded up a sinch.

Another handle to consider is the pull handle. The Trail Outdoors Folding Beach Trolley comes with an ergonomic handle design. You may be pulling this for a long time. While the handle design might not seem important, once your hand is aching you’ll have wished you paid closer attention to such details. The long hinge handle design also helps with pulling and steering.

Good Beach Cart

Overall Summary

There are plenty of other foldable beach trolleys you could choose. However, for use, this one is the best beach trolley on the market. The wheels make light work of the sand at the beach and it is so easy to erect that it’s hard to find fault. 

The price is comparative to most other beach trolleys, whereas on performance I don’t think these come close. This is a great purchase for anyone wanting to make carrying items to the beach easier.

Product Information and Features

Beach cart measures: L123cm x W51cm x H52cm

Load Limit: 60 kg

Strong Steel Frame

600D Polyester storage liner with mesh pockets

Deep tread wheels with 360 degree front wheels

Foldable trolley with protective travel cover

When folded measures: H78cm x W51cm x D21

Weight of trolley: 11.5kg

Pull along folding trolley