Saltrock Waterproof Changing Robe Review

The must have item of 2023 is most certainly the Waterproof Changing Robe. Having first emerged from the surf world to combat the cold after hitting the waves, top brands have cashed in the fact that people want to stay warm and dry as part of an active lifestyle.

This has caused a real dilemma for shoppers, as you want the best type of changing robe to keep the elements out. Well some of the issues can be solved with the very stylish range of changing robes that are designed by Saltrock.

We like the Four Seasons range that has been produced by Saltrock for a number of different reasons that will be outlined in this article. But if you want a quick note, we think these stand up well against the Dryrobe, which is arguably the top dog when it comes to waterproof changing robes.

Quick Verdict

We like this Changing Robe for it’s overall warmth and excellent waterproofing.

This Changing Robe offers fashion as well as function.

Are Saltrock Changing Robes Any Good?

The four seasons range of changing robes available from Saltrock are excellent. We came to this conclusion having tested them for Waterproofing, Performance, Style and Function


In terms of waterproof performance you get a 3k waterproof ripstop layer that will keep the rain out on all but the worst of days.

Change Robe

These changing robes are designed with the outdoors in mind, which is why they have exploded beyond a beach essential. So whether it’s being used to walk the dog or keep you dry on the side-lines while you cheers on your kids sporting team, you can guarantee that your clothes will stay dry throughout.

The outer layer is durable and hard wearing, so you can have peace of mind that you’re not going to ruin it on the first little snag it gets (or maybe your dog trying to chew it!)


Performance wise, we think the Saltrock range of changing robes can compete with any other on the market. The Borg fleece inner lining is designed to draw water off your body. So if you’ve just been swimming or surfing, you will find yourself dry by the time you’ve packed away your gear.

This is an important feature to look out for when choosing a changing robe. Some of the more budget changing robes on the market may have a fleece lining, however they might just absorb the water, leaving the coat heavy and cold after a period of time. We found the Saltrock Changing Robes to work well at keeping you warm even when wet.

The fleece lining is fluffy and feels good against your skin. This might not seem too important, but if you are wearing it to the beach, you might be in just a bikini or board shorts, so comfort matters. It’s worth paying that little bit extra for a changing robe that is comfortable, as your skin is more exposed given the purpose of it’s use.


You can wear these Saltrock Changing Robes anywhere and I think they have some options that help you to stand out (in a good way).

For example, take a look at the Tie Dye Four Seasons Changing Robe. These sold out quickly and it’s no wonder. You could wear this on any beach day or even as a coat to a music festival. It’s a really funky look and one one that catches the eye.

Pink Saltrock Changing Robe

Some of the Changing Robe styles are very similar, whereas the Saltrock Changing Robes have that bit of style you would want if you’re looking to invest in one of these.


The Four Seasons Changing Robe comes with a little of functions to help improve the experience for the user.

There are useful pockets found on the inside and outside of the changing robe. These are fleece lined too, so phones and wallets can be kept safe and dry when at the beach.

Saltrock Changing Robe Feature

The hood is adjustable so you can alter this to your own suiting to improve comfort levels. It also features a reflective strip, so if you are wearing this late at night you get some added protection, as cars will be more likely to spot you on a dark night.

The sleeves on the changing robe are adjustable and are locked down with a durable Velcro lining. This give good manoeuvrability and makes moving around while in the changing robe easy.

One final feature to improve the functionality is the length of this changing robe. I use mine for surfing, so end up getting changed out of my wetsuit either by the van or on the beach. My main concern during this time is not exposing myself to the general public. The Saltrock changing robes are a good length to cover this problem.

With a dual end zip, you also get good mobility if you need to move around to help with this process.


The Four Seasons Changing Robe range is not one to ignore if you are looking at getting a changing robe. They are premium in terms of features and performance and I also think they look great.

Everyone has there own style so might disagree with me on the style point. I can, however, speak with good authority on the fact that these are high quality changing robes that are suitable for the beach, and other places, to help you stay dry and warm.