Rip Curl E7 Flashbomb HeatSeeker Wetsuit Review

The Rip Curl E7 Flashbomb has become one of the best wetsuits on the market thanks to its high level of performance. I took it for a test ride and it quickly became one of my favourite wetsuits in my collection. In this article I take a closer look at the stretchy neoprene that is making surfers feel like they have added a second skin to their body.

Quick Verdict

Warm Wetsuit

Super stretchy E7 neoprene that produces heat to keep you warm.

Zip-Free Wetsuit that is easy to get on. Feels like a second skin once you are in it.

Are Rip Curl Wetsuits Any Good?

Having built a reputation for itself in Australia, Rip Curl has become one of the front runners and leading brands in wetsuit design globally. They have produced high quality surf gear. Whether it be clothing, watches or surf hardware, Rip Curl is a company that understands surf lifestyle. It is why you can put trust in the brand when it comes to choosing the right wetsuit.

The Flashbomb E7 HeatSeeker is evidence that the Aussie’s really know how to design a top wetsuit. The E7 Neoprene is something that is unique to Rip Curl. You may be asking “what is E7 neoprene? In short it offers superior stretch compared to most other suits. 

The E7 Neoprene is found throughout the entirety of this wetsuit. While some other suits save their stretchy neoprene for chest and shoulder panels, this wetsuit is head to toe in high quality neoprene. The benefit of this is that you get a super comfy suit that paddles well in water and delivers unrestricted movement when up on the wave..

One additional feature is that every time I wear this wetsuit I start singing a Tom Jones number. You may know it as “Sex Bomb”, however in my house it’s become “Flashbomb” thanks to my genius switch of words! 

Now, if like my wife you’re not impressed with my song word play, then at least you will be impressed by the wetsuit itself..

Why Should I Buy The Rip Curl Flashbomb?

There is no denying that this wetsuit is top quality. It’s comfortable throughout and allows you to really enjoy weaning the suit at all times. However the hidden gems for me are the lining and seams within the suit.

Rip Curl’s Flex Energy Lining helps to generate heat within the suit. For a cold water sport like surfing, this is excellent. The concept for the Flex Energy is that the liner utilises your kinetic energy during each movement. So with every paddle and push off the board, you are helping to generate additional warmth.

Now you could argue that happens anyway, as your body will generate its own heat with the muscle. However, the tiny fibres of this suit are working alongside your body to create that extra layer of warmth. If you plan on wearing this wetsuit during the colder UK months, then you just need some wetsuit gloves and you are good to go.

When you add in the fact that the Flashbomb E7 HeatSeeker has glued and blind stitched seams, you get a very toasty wetsuit that will keep you out in the water for longer. I have had this suit for 8 months and the seams are very durable. They flex well within the suit and I haven’t experienced any major flushing when in the water.

If you want a reason to buy the Flashbomb HeatSeeker it might just be because it’s one of the warmest wetsuits on the market.

What Type Of Entry Is The Rip Curl HeatSeeker E7?

Thanks to the super flexible E7 neoprene, getting in and out of this wetsuit is relatively easy. This does however require some getting used to, as the HeatSeeker Flashbomb is a zip free wetsuit. It has new stretch component that allows ease of access through the top of the wetsuit. I would advise a changing robe or surf poncho so that your modesty is protected at all times!

The benefits of this are that you get a solid, locked in feel with the suit. While a zipped wetsuit may have more flushing and some flex issues, the zip free wetsuit becomes your second skin. Even after some heavy wipe-outs, the water stayed on the outside of the suit thanks to the strong watertight seals. 

It performs really well. As I have suddenly become old overnight, the less resistance on paddling the better. I have become a big fan of the zip free wetsuit, so the Flashbomb HeatSeeker gets lots of use during both the Summer and Winter months.

Is the E7 Flashbomb Good Value?

Your budget limit will dictate whether you think this wetsuit is good value for money or not. You are buying a high performance, top quality wetsuit. Therefore you should expect to spend slightly more money than you would on your basic entry level wetsuit from other brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, Gul etc. 

The design is built with durability in mind. The internal taping and glued blind stitched seams mean that this wetsuit will last a long time. The E7 neoprene starts at an incredibly flexible point to begin with. So as this suit ages, you at least know the neoprene is going to age better than other wetsuits as they stiffen up.

The added benefit of extra warmth also offers good value as you want a suit that allows you stay in the water longer and the E7 Flashbomb Heatseeker definitely does that. It’s one of the warmest wetsuits we have used.

So while this wetsuit might cost you a few more pound coins, you get back your cash in high performance and warmth.

Overall Verdict

A great wetsuit for anyone who wants to stay toasty in the water. You get a sense of pleasure when wearing this wetsuit and it performs well on the water. It’s slightly more expensive than some other wetsuits, but one of our favourites in the cold.