Quiksilver Everyday Sessions Wetsuit Review

Choosing the best wetsuit for yourself is a tricky endeavour. There are so may brands and styles to consider that the decision becomes clouded. We have taken an in depth look at the Quicksilver Everyday Sessions Wetsuit to help provide some clarity on performance and value for money.

Hopefully by the end of this article you will know whether you want to opt into the Quiksilver lifestyle or pursue another of the many surfing wetsuits on the market.

Is The Quiksilver Everyday Sessions Wetsuit Any Good?

Having faith that you’ve opted for a quality wetsuit is one of the main concerns for most wetsuit users. You want to know that you’re investing your money wisely.

In relation to the Everyday Sessions suit, the short answer is, yes, this is a good wetsuit. It’s affordable for most budgets and has some great features to make it your “go to wetsuit”. I have always been a fan of the Quiksilver wetsuit range and as technology has advanced, they seem to only get better at producing high quality wetsuits.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have taken a closer look at the wetsuits performance, so that you have some reassurance on your purchase.

Quick Verdict

Quiksilver wetsuit chest entry

We like this wetsuit for it’s excellent flexibility and warmth.

It’s affordable yet offers high levels of performance so suits any level of surfer


Quiksilver utilise their stretchflight neoprene to give you a super flexible wetsuit that will not hold you back in the water. Unfortunately for me, as my age increases, my paddling ability reduces. I therefore need as little resistance in the shoulders as I can, as this soon saps me of my paddling power needed to head “outback”.

The Quiksilver Everyday Sessions suit is really flexible in all areas so I can’t use this as an excuse.

The flexibility doesn’t mean that you sacrifice warmth though. The 3/2 suit is lightweight, but still keeps the cold at bay, which is a plus if you are looking for a length session on the waves. This is thanks to the Warmflight Eco Velvet Lining within the suit.

It helps to keep the warmth locked inside, so once you’re in the water you will not be bothered by the cold.

Obviously make sure you get the right thickness depending on when you plan on using this suit.

Entry and Stitching

This is a chest entry wetsuit which, if you’ve read some of my other articles then you will know, is my favourite style of wetsuit. If you’ve not had a chest entry suit before then don’t be put off. This suit is really easy to put on and for me, is much easier to do by yourself than some back entry suits.

Once on this wetsuit provides a very snug and comfortable fit. This is thanks to the glued and blind stitched seams. They help provide an extra layer of warmth as you don’t need to worry about flushing in this wetsuit, as the seal is water tight!

Chest Entry Wetsuit

Value for Money

The Everyday Sessions Wetsuit isn’t an entry level suit. Therefore you should not be expecting to get this for next to nothing. That being said, it is in the price range I would expect most people pay.

As discussed, it’s got some great features. The neoprene is super flexible so you will enjoy your time in the water as well as on your board. It’s got premium stitching when compared to other cheaper wetsuits. It also has some other features that add to it’s overall appeal.

For example, it comes with a key loop, if you need some where safe to secure your house or car key to. The knee pads are durable and will help protect the suit over a long period of time.

It’s also designed on the back of eco-friendly projects that produce less CO2 emissions and also utilise recycled materials. Quiksilver are trying to to their bit for the environment, you too can say you’ve helped when you choose to purchase this wetsuit.

Wetsuit Key Loop and Knee Pads


This is a perfect wetsuit for any level of surfer. It’s simple in design and return in it’s performance. If I am being really critical I might say that the design could benefit from some more “funky” graphics to help it stand out, but that’s more down to my own unique style.