Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard Review

Are you intrigued by stand up paddleboarding (SUP) but don’t want to spend a fortune trying it out? Then you might want to take a look at the Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a budget paddleboard and will give you plenty of enjoyment as you start your SUP adventures.

Quick Verdict

We like this SUP as it is drop stitch and high quality at a very affordable price.

With this deal you get kitted out with every SUP accessories so you’re ready to hit the water and have fun.

What Is Good About The Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard?


For starters I am going to list the price. Paddleboarding has become a huge industry. With advances in technology you can easily go and drop over a thousand pounds on a premium paddleboard. If you really push the boat out, there are paddleboards that come equipped with engines.

Trail Outdoors SUP Package

The Portofino SUP has thankfully filled the void of affordable paddle boards that are suitable for any level of rider. In buying this paddleboard you get everything you need in order to get straight out on the water. It comes with a pump, paddle, leash, board and rucksack for easy transportation. If you want to buy these items individually, you can soon run a tab that will make your heart sink. In terms of price, you will do well to find a more suitable SUP.  

Build Quality

By outlining that price is an advantage we should already be aware that this paddleboard is a budget or entry level SUP. That doesn’t however mean that you are sacrificing build quality. The Portofino SUP is a high quality piece of kit. With drop stitch technology, which allows for a higher level of inflation, this paddleboard has a fantastic level of strength and rigidity. When we first got the board out of the rucksack I was expecting a fairly cheap product that would allow the family to have some fun. I was shocked to find a very sturdy paddleboard that took my weight with ease and had great balance to it.

At 33 inches wide the Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard is perfect for the green/novice paddleboarder. Most paddleboards are a little narrower than this one. This paddleboard will help you spend more time on the water than in it. As a family of four, we have all enjoyed our time on this board. My wife is fairly new to paddleboarding and has been on some other paddleboards. She found the Portofino SUP to be her favourite because she “didn’t wobble as much”.

Drop Stitch SUP


I have already mentioned my surprise when standing on this board. Well another reason for my shock was the excellent traction on offer. I’m not exaggerating when I say this. Take your socks off if you don’t believe me, but when you first step on this paddleboard you will feel that “stuck on” sensation. The GripTech Deck that comes with the board is of premium quality. There is no need to worry about slipping off this board when wet – so don’t go blaming the board if you do find yourself in the water!

A Perfect All Rounder

As I said at the start of this article. Sometimes it’s nice to just have fun trying something new. The Portofino SUP will allow anyone to have fun and it will not break the bank doing so. Sometimes I am guilty of over analysing my purchases. I ask myself questions like “will it allow me to advance?” or “how much value for money am I getting?”. 

This SUP is perfect for beginners, intermediates or even advanced paddleboarders. 

Our kids love having a play around on it. They are only six and five, so this is perfect for getting them into water sports. The wide base gives lots of success standing up and the thickness means it’s really easy to paddle. 

Drop Stitch SUP

The load recommendation is for anyone up to 120kg. At 10-foot long it’s suitable for everyone, so you or your friends can enjoy this. We are off on holiday soon with another family and I know they will have fun using this. Its all round design build will suit pretty much anyone. I dare say it is idiot proof for even the most uncoordinated rider.

Once you’ve mastered your craft and confidently paddleboard without falling in, this board will last you. I’ve had a play around in some small waves and it turns surprisingly well. It comes with a detachable fin that provides good tracking in the water, so you can easily navigate lakes, rivers and oceans, once you know what you’re doing. 

Ease Of Use

The Portofino SUP is an all in one package, so you get the whole kaboodle in one bag. The bag is a neat design. With a wide entry and drawstring closure, it’s very easy to get the deflated board in and out. You can also store your paddle, leash and pump in there too. The actual weight of the bag when packed is 7.8kg which is incredibly light given the contents of the bag.

How to pump up SUP

It’s a small bag and fits in the car easily. If you’ve ever seen people on their Duke of Edinburgh walks, they’d swap you in a heartbeat as this bag is easy to transport and light to carry. I will be taking this to the beach with me everyday so carrying something light is a plus, unless I am feeling lazy and opt for my beach trolley to help me. The drainage holes in the bottom of the bag are useful for when you’ve finished in the water. It helps any water leak away and keep the bag from getting heavy when wet.

The telescopic poles click together and it’s a simple clasp method to alter the height of the overall paddle. This suits the rider’s height, so once you know your preferred length, you can simply click it in and go.

The pumping of the board is probably the only bit of hassle and I am exaggerating when I say that. I get my kids to help me as it’s that easy. If you are looking for a speedier and easier way there is always the electric pump option, but for anyone looking to hike to remote areas, you will want to use the pump provided, as there won’t be a convenient cigarette lighter to help you with your electric pump.

Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard Pump

Kayak Anyone?

The inflatable kayak market is another booming industry. However with the Portofino, you get the added bonus of an additional kayak mode. Now it’s important to note that the kayak mode doesn’t come as standard and you will be required to buy an additional feature if you fancy it. However, it is a nice option, especially if you want a more leisurely ride on the water on a nice calm day.

Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard as Kayak

Overall Summary

We like the board because it’s great! It’s not pretending to be the top of the range stand up paddleboard. It’s offering users the chance to have a high quality SUP at an affordable price. Even if you only use it a few times a year, I think the return you get on the Portofino SUP outweighs not having it.

If you are looking for a budget paddleboard that is still of a high quality then this is the one for you.

Why Is Stand Up Paddleboarding Good?

Stand Up Paddleboarding has become one of the fastest growing water sports. Usually water sports like kayaking, surfing and windsurfing involve buying large expensive items. These are usually difficult to store and hard to transport. The modern day SUP has taken away such problems as you can go anywhere you want. The board is inflatable and the rucksacks make them portable.

Thanks to improvements in drop stitch construction, SUP’s allow you to take on almost all water ways. You are no longer restricted to local lakes. You can simply strap on the SUP and walk to wherever you desire.

This has opened up so many areas. One of the main benefits of stand up paddleboarding is the ease. You can do this water sport all year round provided you have the right wetsuits and heat gear. 

It’s great for your physical health as you paddle yourself around the waterways. You don’t need to be fit to do it, but over time you will soon profit from a stronger core that paddleboarding helps with. Another unseen advantage is the mental health gains you get from being outdoors. Getting outside and embracing mother nature is a great stress reliever. You can really get away from your problems on a paddleboard. Getting from one location to another also provides a real sense of achievement and it’s even better if you can do it with friends.

If that hasn’t sold it to you yet I don’t know what will! The only decision to make is which stand up paddleboard to buy….and I just so happen to know which ones are the best! 

What Are The Portofino Stand Up Paddleboard Specifications?

Drop Stitch Quality SUP

Paddleboard Size: 10ft x 33” x 4.45”

Weight: 7.8kg

Load Capacity: 120kg

Premium Backpack

Neoprene Coiled Leash with Strap

Bungee cord

Tow Hitches

Carry Handle

Inflation Pump with Pressure Gauge

Drop Stitch Design Construction