Hurley Paddle Board Review

If you are interested in a Hurley Stand Up Paddle Board but don’t know which one to pick, then our honest review will help you to make a more informed decision. 

Hurley have produced some of the best stand up paddle boards on the market. They come with everything you would want in a paddle board starter pack. They also happen to be some of the best looking paddleboards we have seen. 

We have done the heavy lifting for you, by taking a look at the Hurley Paddle Board range to find out some key features that will help you select the best Hurley SUP for your own needs. 

Surf Unleashed recommends:

These SUP’s are the next level up from your basic all in one set. Aside from it’s eye-catching design, this is a very good SUP that will suit all level of riders.

If you are a beginner you will enjoy the great stability on offer and really find your feet quickly. It offers with good grip and a high volume level thanks to the drop stitch material.

Are Hurley Paddle Boards any good?

When we first began to go down the SUP rabbit hole, we were fairly green. At Surf Unleashed we have spent the majority of our youth surfing and riding waves. But then life took control and children began to broaden our interests. We started doing different activities that were more suited to having young kids, but still allowed us to enjoy water sports. 

So naturally, the stand up paddle board life became a new interest. Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP’s are great when you have kids or just enjoy water sports as they can be used all year round and can be enjoyed on any type of water. 

If you’ve read our Best Stand Up Paddle Board article you will be aware that we really enjoy using the Hurley Phantom Paradise Board, so the answer to the question is yes, Hurley Paddle Boards are good.

However, Hurley don’t just have one range of stand up paddle board, they in fact have multiple paddle boards (that we sampled). Each of the boards we looked at will allow you to enjoy some time in the open water. We have analysed the range so that you can make an informed decision on which Hurley Paddle Board is best for your needs.

Hurley Phantom 10’6 Paradise

Hurley Paddle Board Phantom Tour

The Hurley Phantom Tour is a versatile paddle board that is perfect for beginners and families. At 10’6” it is Hurley’s biggest paddleboard, which means a high volume board that is stable and easy to paddle around on. The traction pads on the board are very grippy and mean you feel very connected to the board.

The pointed nose of the board means that this paddle board offers easy turns and good manoeuvrability. We took it out at sea and even managed to have some fun on the waves so it can definitely be used as a wave SUP. The 3 fins set up mean that you can steer along the face of the wave. If you have ever tried to surf a single fin paddleboard you will know that the board goes wherever it wants. A heavy rider might be able to load their weight at the back and get some type of steering, but I am yet to manage that.

The Hurley Phantom SUP solves all these problems. The thruster set up means you have the bite you need on your turns, while it also gives you a kick pad. This means your heel can dig into the board while making turns. The lightweight nature and high inflation means that there is fun to be had on the waves if you wish to surf during your SUP session.

Surfing SUP

The artwork is exclusive to Hurley and is something that makes Hurley paddleboards stand out against other brands. You get all the key ingredients you need to get started on your paddleboard adventures.

Hurley Outsider Paddleboard

Hurley Advantage SUP

The Hurley Advantage 10’6” SUP has a more rounded nose compared to the PhamtomTour. We tried it on a very flat day at the beach and found it to be easy to paddle while also offering great stability. Our two kids came out on the water with me and they had no trouble standing up and attempting to paddle it.

The volume of the board makes it well suited for a range of water activities such as Cruising, Racing, Fishing and Yoga. Given that it is very easy to paddle, and the rounder nose gives more surface area, there is less chance of you falling off this board when compared to some of the other Hurley Paddleboards. It has all the main features you would look for in a SUP. A grippy traction pad and high inflation level mean you feel stable and secure when paddling.

It is very durable and will perform well in any conditions. This is one of Hurley’s cheaper SUP’s and a good paddleboard for paddlers of all skill levels. If you plan on staying inland when using your SUP then I would recommend this one out of the range.

Hurley Phantom Surf 9’0 Ombre Surf SUP

Best Wave SUP Hurley

Now at Surf Unleashed we make no bones about the fact that we love surfing more than any other water sport, so we may be slightly biased in saying that we love this wave SUP. Hurley states that this doubles as a Surf SUP or Kids/Adolescent Paddle Board. We have reviewed it exclusively as a wave SUP.

The swallow tail is not something you see on more traditional paddle boards and make for easy connections and picking up drive on the wave. The 4” rails help to carve out turns along the face of the wave. At 9 foot it is long enough that you feel nice and buoyant while on the water, but not so big that you can’t enjoy some turns when you catch a good wave. The textured grip pad allows you to really push into the board and feel like you are going to slip off.

This Hurley wave SUP is equipped with a tri-fin setup with removable centre fin and a classic surfboard shape. The benefit of this type of paddle board is that you don’t need to be burning your shoulders like everyone else who is trying to get out back. With 165 litres of volume you will easily catch waves and ride them to the shoreline.

This hurley wave SUP can be enjoyed by all levels of surfer and paddleboarder.

Hurley Advantage Terrazzo 10’ Stand Up Paddle Board

good budget paddleboard by hurley

This Hurley Advantage comes in two colour options – the Terrazzo and Black Tiger. Both boards offer the exact same performance so whichever one you choose it will come down to colour preference.

It’s a very nice all round paddle board that suits all skill levels. A rounder nose and thinner base make it the cheapest stand up paddleboard that Hurley offer. So if you are looking to get a Hurley Paddleboard at the lowest price then this one could be for you.

Being 10’ it’s slightly smaller than the Phantom and also slightly lighter. This means an easier carry if you face a long walk to the water. It’s still got great volume and stability so paddling is easy – one of the best beginner stand up paddleboards available. You still get the three fin set up and high inflation level, however not to the same volume due to the difference in size.

What are the differences in Hurley Paddle Boards?

You may have looked up “which is the best Hurley Paddle Board” and then wondered which one to choose. There are some of the key similarities and differences between the Hurley Paddle Boards that we should address straight away.

One common theme with all Hurley paddle boards is that they are all made from High Density Drop Stitch material, which is perfect for a high quality SUP. Drop stitching refers to the pressure within the board. If you buy an inflatable paddle board you will need to pump it up. Drop stitch material means you can get a higher pressure (PSI), so the board will be rigid. Picture a tyre on a bike. You want the higher pressure level to enable you to ride smoothly. The same can be said for an inflatable paddle board. The higher the pressure the smoother the ride. This is one reason why we like the Hurley paddle boards. 

Another similarity is that all the paddle boards we recommend come as a set that includes the paddleboard, a leash, a dual action hand pump, waterproof backpack, fins and puncture repair kit. This is very handy for anyone wanting to get into paddleboarding. It means you can make your purchase and then be able to hit the water straight away. One final purchase we’d recommend before you do go out on the water is buoyancy aid.

The prices of the Hurley paddle boards vary, but not by too much. Each one of the boards has some unique features, but overall they are quite similar, so you can expect to pay roughly the same amount, regardless of which Hurley SUP you opt for.

The weight of each board may differ. The Hurley paddleboards range from 10’6” to 9’. As you would expect, the shorter paddle boards are slightly lighter. If you are looking for a board that is really easy to carry, you might choose one of the lighter options, but again there isn’t too much difference between each paddle board.

As with all inflatable paddle boards, the usage will vary. Some people like to use them to fish, some will tour lakes and coves, while others may want a bit more action and try their hand at riding the waves. All the Hurley range will allow you to do these things. However it is the Hurley Surf SUP Ombre that is the stand out differential. The Hurley Ombre SUP is a wave SUP. This is because it is specifically designed for surfing and therefore has a different shape and weight to allow more manoeuvrability when you are hitting the waves. We will have a more detailed look at this further into the article.

What comes in a Hurley Paddleboard Set?

Part of the attraction of the Hurley Paddleboard range is that you get everything you need in order to get out on the water. If you look at what is included in the hurley paddleboard then you will see why they offer great value.

Hurley Backpack

This is the bag that come with your Hurley SUP and it’s fairly impressive. Firstly it’s waterproof, which you would expect as it acts as a dry bag to keep you dry once you’ve finished with your time in the water. As a SUP backpack it is comfortable and makes transporting all your gear very easy. The straps are well padded so it’s not a burden to carry long distances.

Hurley Paddle for SUP and Hurley Fin

The adjustable paddles that come with the set are detachable and can be stored easily. In terms of weight, they are light but functional. Paddling is not a hard task with these in your hands. I’m a fairly short person and was able to adjust the paddle to find the right height for me.

hurley dual action pump for inflatable paddleboard

Hurley have provided a dual action pump to help make inflating your SUP easier. The twist lock hose attaches and detaches with ease. Even on first use we found it was a simple task to attach the hose and inflate the SUP. The recommended PSI is 15-17. The pump itself is lightweight to so it’s ideal for carrying with your Hurley SUP backpack.

Hurley paddleboard leash and repair kit

The coiled strap will keep you attached to the board, which is great for anyone who is a beginner paddleboarder. The neoprene cuff is soft on your skin. You also get a repair kit, which hopefully you will never need.

Surf Unleashed recommends:

It’s hard to find a better looking SUP design that also performs well in all conditions.

It suits all ability levels and inflates to a high level thanks to the drop stitch material. A very stable ride so you enjoy your time on the water.