Best Women’s Wetsuits

With so many designs and brands on the market it’s difficult to know which is the best women’s wetsuit to buy. It can be difficult choosing between budget wetsuits and high performance women’s wetsuits. We have taken the best women’s wetsuit for a spin to give our verdict on where to spend your money. This will help you to find the right wetsuit for your needs.

Quick Verdict

Top Women's Wetsuit

Premium wetsuit that gives warmth and performance.

Chest entry design with super flexible neoprene for great comfort.

A question that is often asked is “can a woman wear a men’s wetsuit?” Now the short answer to this is yes they can.  However, there are so many women’s styles on offer these days, why wouldn’t you choose a wetsuit that is tailor made to fit your body shape?

Men and women’s bodies just aren’t the same shape, so it is important to find the best women’s wetsuit to maximise your enjoyment in the water. The latest designs are very ergonomic, so they are designed to suit a woman’s frame.

It’s hard for anyone to look attractive in a wetsuit, as they are designed to keep you warm, not look good one a catwalk. However, some of the latest women’s wetsuits have levelled up in terms of aesthetics. So why not get a funky women’s wetsuit to help with your summer look.

We have taken a look at some of the best women’s wetsuits on the market and given our own seal of approval to the ones we like most. All of the wet suits you will see on this list are good options,  the main thing is to ensure that you choose something that suits your own needs.  A wetsuit is not always the most comfortable thing to wear, but you should ensure that when you wear it you are happy in your new skin!

Our Top Wetsuits for Women

Roxy Prologue – 4/3MM Wetsuit 2022

roxy womens wetsuit
  • Brand: Roxy
  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Entry: Back zip

The Roxy symbol and brand is highly recognisable and represents female surfing like no other.  This wetsuit Is designed with the latest technology and includes a FREEMAX neoprene on the body and legs to allow for excellent range of movement and flexibility from the wetsuit.

One of the benefits of this wetsuit is an easier paddle. This is due to less restriction through the shoulders. It will also help when popping up on your board. The high level of flexibility allows for better movement and manoeuvrability in the leg section. One feature that I like about this wetsuit is the stylish design. The colour and style make this wetsuit more feminine and therefore more attractive to wear than your standard men’s wetsuit.

This wetsuit has a back zip entry which is convenient for getting into the suit as in theory it is easier to put on. It features durable Supratex knee pads which are helpful due to that area of the wetsuit being heavily used. Therefore your knees remain well protected and the wet suit is not in danger of ripping.  The wetsuit in this picture is a 4/3mm wetsuit so it will be nice and warm in Summer months and if you need to, you can use this suit in the Spring and Autumn and still benefit from the additional warmth that it will offer you. 

BILLABONG Womens Salty Dayz 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

best woments wetsuit billabong
  • Brand: Billabong
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Chest Zip

One of the first things you will notice about this wetsuit is the cool design that is featured across the chest and sleeves.  if you are looking for a wetsuit that is going to make you look good while at the beach this one ticks all the boxes.

Cost wise, this is a good value for money suit, as you get some high-end features for not outrageous prices. The neoprene is good quality and has nice flexibility to it, so you’re going to get a nice range of movement while paddling and trying to manoeuvre yourself into positions. The seams are sealed, which will help keep you warm and fight off any water that will try to penetrate the suit. 

This is a chest entry suit, so you will climb into this suit through the front zip along the chest. One subtle feature that this wetsuit has, is that within the zip there is a key stash area,  so if you are looking to take your key out into the surf with you and avoid leaving it on the beach, you have the capacity to do that within this suit. For anyone looking for a waterproof key stash holder you’ll find one in our Top Surf Trip Essentials.

C-Skins Solace 3/2mm Womens Wetsuit

C Skins Womens Wetsuit
  • Brand: C-Skins
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Back Zip

I often get asked “are C-Skins wetsuits any good?” and the answer is yes!

Surfing, just like any other sport can become snobby and elitist. So just like in the football World, Nike and Adidas dominate the market. In surfing the most recognisable brands for women’s wetsuits are Roxy O’Neill and Billabong. However, don’t be put off considering other types of wetsuits. The new C-Skin Solace wetsuit is one of the best women’s wetsuits in terms of performance and cost.

Rather than start with performance I will pick up on the fact that this is a new design that has improved massively from their previous range. It has a feminine cut that helps to flatter a woman’s shape and the contrasting colour scheme gives some more excitement and style to the wetsuit.

Everything this wetsuit offers in terms of specification is suitable for any level of Surfer or SUP wearer. For example it has the Xtend neoprene which is highly flexible, the Dura Flex knee pads which help protect your knees and the suit from wear and tear. It is glued and blind stitched so you’ll get good warmth and not too much flushing and also features seamless paddle zones to ensure that while paddling this board there is not too much at resistance. 

O’Neill Reactor II 2mm Women’s Wetsuit

Womens spring wetsuit
  • Brand: O’Neill
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Entry: Back Zip

O’Neill is the Godfather of wetsuits, so you may look at their range of women’s wetsuits for that guarantee of performance. This 2mm back zip women’s wetsuit is perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy their time in the UK waves this summer. 

Having a shorty wetsuit does have its advantages. Firstly it’s easier to put on and off which I think is perfect if you’ve got young ones with you at the beach. Taking your kids to the beach with you is what it’s all about and it will bring some of the best memories that you have. However, in terms of spending hours in the water you can’t always guarantee that the little ones will play ball. I find having a short wetsuit as an option means that going in and out of the sea on multiple occasions becomes a lot easier, especially when you have to go back in the ocean once the wetsuit is already wet.

The neoprene on this wetsuit is flexible and comes with a chest panel to add the additional warmth and keep the wind off you on those not so pleasant days. This wetsuit is perfect if you’re looking to go bodyboarding with the kids or just spend a few hours in the sea a few times a year and at the price it’s definitely worth investing in.

Olaian 2/2mm Women’s Wetsuit

Womens budget wetsuit
  • Brand: Olaian
  • Thickness: 2/2mm
  • Entry: Back zip

This Olaian women’s wetsuit has been specially designed with beginner surfers in mind. I say that because the brand themselves claim so, and I guess when you analyse the specifications, they are offering a relatively cheap product that will perform just fine if you only plan on going in the water a few times each year.

At 2/2mm this wetsuit is designed for the Summer months and will give you plenty of warmth so long as you’re not looking to spend over one hour in the sea. The thinner suit means there is slightly more movement too, so it’s a good wetsuit for some stand up paddle board fun.

It is a back zip wetsuit, by now you are probably aware that it makes for easy entry into the suit. The zips on this wetsuit are resistant to saltwater, so you should get good longevity from this wetsuit. This is a good beginner wetsuit for women on a budget.

Billabong Synergy – 3/2 Chest Entry Womens Wetsuit

Womens chest entry wetsuit
  • Brand: Billabong
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Chest Zip

When we reviewed the Billabong launch wetsuit we discussed how it was their entry-level wetsuit. Consider the synergy wetsuit as a giant leap forward in terms of performance and technology. You may need to spend  you slightly more money in choosing this wetsuit, however, the returns are worth it. With the Billabong Synergy Women’s Wetsuit you get a much higher level of performance in terms of flexibility, heat retention and and overall all enjoyment.

This is a chest entry wetsuit which is slightly different to the back zip styles. This is nothing to worry about, I actually prefer this style of wetsuit. I find it easier to put on by myself, as the chest zip is easily located at the front of the suit. I also prefer paddling in a chest entry wetsuit as I find the shoulders are less restricted.

Paddling resistance is not going to be an issue in this wetsuit due to the premium superflex neoprene. It is really flexible so you don’t feel like you’re pulling against the fabric when moving around. The seams on this wetsuit or triple glued and blind stitched, therefore there is very little flushing as you enter the water. This helps the wetsuit to stay sucked onto your body and keep that layer of water inside the suit, meaning you are a lot warmer while in the water.

Speaking of warmth, this wetsuit features a large furnace lined front and back panel, which is essentially a slightly fleecy material that helps to keep you warm when in the water.

All these features make this wetsuit one of the best on the market in terms of performance and price. It also comes in three different styles so you can choose the standard black colour or be more daring with the turquoise or blue wetsuit option. 

C-Skins Element 3/2mm Womens Wetsuit

Womens starter wetsuit
  • Brand: C-Skins
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Back Zip

This is another good example of a high-performing wetsuit that  is very good value. C-Skins have become quite a trusted brand in the wetsuit market and have been churning out some of the best women’s wetsuits in terms of performance and cost.

This is a back zip wetsuit which features Free Flex neoprene, which my wife found very flexible and easy to manoeuvre in. It has a mesh skin across the chest and the back which will help to keep your torso warm on those windy days. The superseal glide skin collar is comfortable on your neck, so you don’t need to worry about any awkward chafing against your skin when in the water.

The wetsuit comes with some nice design features such as a key pocket. There are some splashes of colour along the rib and knee section that are very subtle and help the wetsuit look attractive without being too outlandish and in your face. This is a good wetsuit for women who are just entering into their love affair with the sea.

Olaian Advanced Women’s 3/2 Wetsuit

best womens zip free wetsuit
  • Brand: Olaian
  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Entry: Zip Free

Let’s start with the main feature of this Olaian wetsuit, it has a non-zip fastening system. The zip free wetsuit in theory offers least resistance when paddling as the suit isn’t pulling from a tightly closed zip.

With this in mind a beginner might not be too bothered about this feature,  however a more advanced surfer  may enjoy this wetsuit due to the fact that they will paddle more easily. One other consideration is longevity – you will not have to worry about zips corroding as there aren’t any!

When we tested this wetsuit, we found that the neoprene was incredibly flexible and very comfortable once on. The no zip feature did offer a second skin type feel and there was a good amount of freedom and movement with this suit in contrast to some others.

Compared to a wetsuit with zips, it is definitely not as easy to put on, however we were trying on a brand new suit so the neoprene had not had much stretch. Overtime, the neoprene will slowly get a little bit looser, so climbing into the suit will become an easier task. This wetsuit is perfect for any ability level of surfer, but a more able surfer might enjoy the higher specification that it has to offer.

RIP CURL Womens Flashbomb 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

Rip Curl womens wetsuit
  • Brand: Rip Curl
  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Entry: Chest Zip

This women’s Rip Curl Flashbomb suit has some nice features within the design.  There is a floral pattern that runs along the side of the suit giving it a lovely finish that really does look cool. Don’t be so superficial I hear you say…well let’s focus on the technicals.

The wetsuits seams are taped for extra comfort and sealing within the suit. This is going to keep that annoying cold water at bay. Just like the men’s version features smooth mesh panels that help to absorb heat from the sun and additionally it helps to reduce the wind chill factor.  This is going to keep you warm and ultimately in the water longer. 

This is a chest entry design, therefore the zip runs across the top of the chest. You should experience greater flexibility across the shoulders when paddling. It also has the Dura-fit knee pads.