Best Waterproof Key Pouch

If you are heading into the water alone, there is a chance you’ve driven there and need a place to store your car key. Well, if you want to drive home after your time in the water, you will want to ensure you have the best waterproof key pouch so that your precious car key is still usable!

Quick Verdict

best waterproof key pouch for surfing

We like this due the high level of waterproofing it offers.

It’s simple to use and is discrete when inside your wetsuit.

What is a Waterproof Key Pouch?

The best waterproof car key pouch should be able to keep your electronic car key dry and free from salt water. Salt water and electrics are not a good combination. If you choose to tuck your car key into your wetsuit, then you risk not being able to drive home. Fortunately this is a problem that can be solved.

When choosing a waterproof car key pouch you will need to choose the right one for your water sport needs.


Surfers spend their time in the water, therefore the risk of water exposure to a car key is high. Due to  the nature of the sport, you will want a key pouch that is discrete to eliminate drag in the water. You will want something small so that it fits inside your wetsuit. You will also want something that isn’t going to sit and cause pressure when prone on the board during your paddle.

Open Water Swimmers

There are a few options for the swimmer. If you want a hidden key pouch then some of the surfing key pouches will perform well. However I have seen quite a few open water swimmers at my local lake use the “swim secure” drybag option. These storage for more than just keys.


Stand Up Paddleboarders (SUP) have more freedom when choosing a waterproof key pouch. While a novice may need to keep their keys “close to their chest”, the aim is to stay dry, so a drybag is a possible option. The advantage of a dry bag is that you can keep more than just your keys inside.

Paddleboarders should be wearing a buoyancy aid and some of these come with waterproof key storage.

Do I Need a Waterproof Key Pouch?

If you have an electric car key then the answer is yes. 

Having been surfing for over two decades I have been forced to adapt to life with an electric car key. 

In my early surfing years, I had a Ford Fiesta car key that could be slipped into my wetsuit pocket. In fact, back then, a wetsuit pocket was considered a unique selling point. It gave you somewhere safe to keep your key.

This was great as you could lock all your valuables away inside your car and head into the water knowing that your gear was safely locked away.

Then these pesky car manufacturers went and got all technical. We now have central locking systems, immobilisers and sensors that open your door as you approach the car. Now, while this is excellent progress, this doesn’t help a swimmer or surfer, as you now need to keep the key from getting wet.

This problem has a solution, which we will discuss in some detail. However, if you choose to not buy a waterproof key pouch then you’re probably doing one of these things….and I want to make you aware of the risks.

Firstly, car thieves (and thieves in general) are wise to the problems that surfers, kayakers, paddle boarders and open water swimmers face.  In fact, they are waiting in sight to see how you tackle your problem.

They will wait and see whether you go for the top of the tyre option. This is a nice easy location to store a key and keep it dry and it’s also the first place thieves will look. If you have any valuables inside the car they can easily be taken while you are away from the car.

A nearby rock can seem like a good option. However, if anyone is watching you then your safe space isn’t that space. Thanks to central locking, if someone finds your key, they don’t even need to know the car you drive to find it. They can idly walk round a car park until they see the right indicators flashing.

Now if you’ve read the above and thought, “I am not stupid, I’ll take my stuff to the beach” be warned. Anyone walking that beach will notice valuables that haven’t been returned to. It also means that you can’t relax while surfing and I speak from experience.

I have spent many morning surfs, having left a rucksack on the beach with my keys, flip flops and towel in. I spend too much time checking the location of the bag and not enjoying my surf. Like everything in life, being present in the moment enhances your enjoyment. So why spent time and energy worrying about car keys if you can solve the problem by choosing a good waterproof car key pouch. 

Do Waterproof Key Pouches Work?

We have tried to test the best waterproof key pouches that are on the market, so anything you see on the list worked under our testing conditions. However, there is a disclaimer that comes with that statement. 

Just because it worked for us doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed 100% efficiency. I have read reviews on some of the products and some people have complained that water got inside. This could be because of user error, but it could also be  because of a product fault.

My advice is to choose the right product for your needs and regularly test before you go out into the water. The testing doesn’t need to be in the surf, just pop something dry in the pouch and stick it in your bath or sink. You will soon know if the waterproof seal is working.

Best Waterproof Key Pouch

KGuard Waterproof Key Holder

waterproof key protector

The Kguard key holder is about as discreet a key pouch as you will find on the water sports market and for me this makes it a good key pouch for surfers, windsurfers and paddleboarders.

While some key pouches on the market are bigger in size and will allow a credit card or even a mobile phone to be stored inside, the Kguard is purpose built to look after your car key, so it trumps some of the other key holders, as it’s not trying to be everything in one.

The Kguard offers brilliant water protection due to the tight lockdown system that closes the inside off from the water. It’s a simple design, whereby you fold over the flap and use a pull cord to tightly close the entry point of your keys.

The bright turquoise material is made from a strong silicone material. It’s small design means that your electronic key can be stored within your wetsuit. There is also a long drawstring cord option if you want to have the key holder around your neck.

It’s worth having a look at your car key before purchase as the opening is fairly small. It works perfectly for my two cars as we their is a narrow key. If you have a car that has some of the larger key fobs, then this one might not work out as you had planned.

Overall I think this is the best waterproof key pouch option for surfing and swimming.

Ugo Wear Waterproof Phone and Key Case

Phone and key case waterproof

This is a premium waterproof key pouch. In fact, if I am honest it’s a lot more than just a key pouch. It’s a full on waterproof wallet as you can take your phone out into the water and still use it!

The waterproofing of this case has been tested to 60 feet and it’s rugged design will stand up to more than just the water, so you can relax if you end up dropping it on the beach once out the water.

Another good point of this waterproof phone and key case is that it’s very buoyant. If you were to lose hold of it in the water, not only would your gear be dry, it would also be floating on the water. This is especially helpful as we all know accidents happen.

As i have already stated, this case allows you to store your phone and still use it. The clear TPU window is touch screen, so if you are paddleboarding, you can change songs and text if needed.

Overall this is a great waterproof pouch for anyone wanting to store larger items than just a key. Perfect option for a paddleboarder as you might want to take more gear out on the water than a surfer.

Aquapac Waterproof Key Case

Key protection from water

Another great waterproof key pouch that also has room for credit cards and other small necessities. 

This is a nice size for surfers and swimmers as it won’t take up much room within your wetsuit and the waterproofing is of a high standard that you can relax when in the water. It is sealed with the patented “aquaclip” that is rustproof, so the salt water will not destroy this key pouch.

It’s an easy system to use. Once you have your valuables within the case, you simply twist the two levers to open and close the seal. 

It comes with a lanyard so that you can wear it around your neck when in the water. Given it’s small size and lightweight, you will have soon forgotten that it is on you.

This is a really good option if you want to take some extra into the water like credit cards. While the Kguard is my favourite key pouch, it is limited in that it only stores a key. With this waterproof case you can take money, so a trip to the beachside café is always an option.

Ocean & Earth Waterproof Key Pouch

budget waterproof phone case

At Surf Unleashed we pride ourselves on giving honest, candid reviews that are going to be helpful to surfers everywhere. With this is mind I think it is fair to say that this is a budget waterproof key pouch.

It’s made from plastic so has a different feel to the Kgaurd that is made from silicone. While it is an entry level key pouch, it proved to be waterproof under testing.

There is enough room to store more than just a car key. As you can see from the picture there is room for card and some small change. If you need a storage pouch for surfing then this will do just fine. If you want a bit more peace of mind that your items will remain fully dry however, the more money you spend on your waterproof pouch, the better product you will get.

Northcore Waterproof Key and Phone Case

Northcore waterproof phone and key case

If you are looking for a reasonably priced key pouch then this Northcore key case hits the spot. It has been dive tested to 10m in depth, so the waterproofing element is strong. You want to be sure that your electric key will work once out the water and with this product you get a high level of water protection.

It’s big enough to store a phone inside and has a double seal to keep the water out. With this key pouch you get the option of attaching it to your arm via the armband. So if paddleboarding you can have it close to hand. The PVC material is also touch screen so you get the added bonus of being able to answer calls and change music.

Overall it’s a nice bit of kit that will serve any watersport enthusiast well.