Best Surfing Poncho Towels

If you are heading to the beach this Summer and want something warm to wear after a swim or surf, then a poncho towel is a great way to fight off the cold English weather. The evolution of Changing Robes, Changing Mats and Hooded Poncho Towel mean that you can enjoy cold water activities in comfort. We have tested some of the best poncho towels on the market to help you choose the right towel for your needs.

The inventor of the towel will be turning in his grave as he see’s how beach accessories are going to take over the water sports industry. The days of a towel being the only beach essential are numbered.

Quick Verdict

Good hooded beach towel

We love Saltrock as a brand and they do not disappoint with their Beach Towels.

This hooded beach towel is comfortable and gives perfect coverage for you to change underneath.

Why buy a Hooded Beach Towel?

After an epic session on the waves, getting out of your wetsuit and relaxing on the beach is what you need. By using a surfing poncho towel you can do that easily, discreetly and comfortably. We promise that once you have bought yourself, and the family, a hooded poncho towel you will never go to the beach without one again.

Your beach trips will be that much easier, especially when you are changing on the roadside. Their versatility is what makes the surf poncho towel a great purchase. You get a makeshift changing room as well as some well needed warmth.

If you are a keen open water swimmer or water sport enthusiast you will understand the need to get dry quickly. Thanks to the absorbent and quick drying materials, you have an efficient method of getting dry. Try to find a towel that is made of cotton or micro-fibre to help absorb the water quickly.

A noticeable benefit of having a hooded poncho towel at the beach is less mess. How many times have you got wet at the beach and reached for your beach towel that is laid out on the sand? We all know what happens next; you dry yourself and get sand stuck all over!

There will definitely be the people who packed the beach towels to lie on and realise they are the same towel to dry off with. If you are at the beach with your family, often there are some people lying down relaxing in the sun on the towel that you need to dry yourself with! This is where these new style of towels have filled a much needed gap to make your day at the beach that much better.

Group of surfers heading out

What is a Surfing poncho towel?

A hooded poncho towel is a wearable, comfortable and practical beach essential. Whether you are at the beach for swimming, playing or surfing this towel is a wise investment.

Once you have finished your swim or surf, SUP or kayak, simply grab your hooded poncho towel and throw it on. One advantage of the poncho towel is the ease of use. The loose fitted design makes them easy to put on and off. Most surfing poncho towels come with armholes which means you can carry on with what you need to do next hands free. If you have young children with you at the beach, this style of beach towel is a game changer. You can throw your towel on quickly and then tend to all their needs.

In regards to families, most outdoor sports brands now offer poncho towels for all the family. This means that a day at the beach can now be less stressful when trying to dry or keep your children warm. These hooded poncho towels are so easy to slip on meaning that you can quickly change your child and they can carry on playing within seconds. You may wish to buy a surfing poncho to wear on your way down to the beach over your swimwear on a cold day.

Surfing poncho towels can come in really stylish designs, and all different shapes and sizes. Where possible try to find an eco-friendly poncho towel. We are trying to make sure that the ocean stays clean so make the environmentally conscious decision and help protect the planet.

Top Surfing Poncho Towels

Northcore Beach Basha

northcore beach towel

The Northcore beach basher surf poncho towel is another perfect accessory to take with you when surfing.

It helps you stay dry while you get changed outside and comes in a one size fits all. This surfing towel can be used for men, women or older children. The Northcore surf poncho towel is made from Terry towelling material which will keep you dry and keep the wind away. It has a large hood and armholes.

This hooded towel is perfect for use after surfing, paddleboarding or kayaking. It’s has also become very popular amongst open water swimmers. One of the best surfing poncho towels on the market at an affordable price.

Saltrock Corp Changing Towel

Budget Beach Poncho Towel

We love this turquoise Saltrock poncho towel. It is a popular changing towel that is lightweight and quick drying. Made from 100% super-soft cotton, it is cosy and ultra-absorbant.

This Saltrock towel comes with a kangaroo style pocket on the front, giving you extra warmth and protection from the sun or wind. It’s also useful for storage for things like keys, phones and wallets as not all board shorts come with pockets.

Dryrobe Hooded Towelling Robe

Father and son in Dryrobe hooded beach towel

Dryrobe are definitely a hooded beach towel brand to consider if you are looking for these types of towels for the whole family. They are reasonably priced and have a variety of sizes and colours.

Dryrobe ponchos have longer sleeves than most of the other designs which always helps if you’re determined for beach day on a chilly day.

The size options are better than other hooded towel brands as there is two options for a younger and older child, and a choice for adult towels too.

Seashell Towelling Robe

Best fashionable hooded beach towel

We love Seashell Towelling Robe for it’s combination of comfort, style and effectiveness in keeping you warm at the beach.

The terry cloth inner is made from a premium material that is super soft and absorbent, so once you’re done in the water, you will be dry in no time at all. Due to it’s stylish design and colours, it’s not only perfect for the beach, it works for a few sundowners at the pub if you can’t be bothered to get changed.

The mid-sleeve design gives you the oversized look that is all the rage. It also covers up more of your skin, so it helps if you want to stay warm, but also means you can cover up if you want to avoid too much sun exposure.

Saltrock Women’s Hooded Changing Towel

womens hooded beach towel

Who said a poncho towel couldn’t be stylish? This tie dye Saltrock women’s hooded poncho towel is gorgeous. If you’re after a towel that you could wear over your beachwear as you walk to the beach then this one would certainly turn heads! It is a good length, with good coverage over the arms. The material is super soft and lightweight.

Vivida Hooded Poncho Towel

We love the two tone look of this Vivida hooded surfing towel. This lightweight hooded towel is a great choice for to pack for a trip to the beach. We like the design of the arms as the gap isn’t too large. It is a poncho towel made my terry microfibre material so dries really quickly which is ideal if you heading out for a surf on a cold, windy day. The Vivida towel comes in plenty of colours as well as different size choices, which is good as you can pick one suitable for your height.

Vivida hooded two tone poncho surf towel

Best Hooded Beach Towel for kids

Saltrock Kids Tok Changing Towel

Saltrock Kids hooded beach towel

Saltrock Kids Changing Towels are very cool looking beach towels. They are perfect for a day at the beach. Complete with a surfer design, they will keep them warm after a play in the sea. These children’s changing towel are lightweight and will get them dry quickly.

Decathlon Kids Poncho Towel

Cheap Kids Surf Poncho Towel

This kids surf poncho towel is perfect for the younger groms in-between their time on the waves. It is really easy to slip on and off and comes with mesh bottom pockets so the sand slips straight out. These surf ponchos come in some really cool patterns and it comes at a reasonable price.

Where can you use surfing poncho towels?


Whether you heading for a ride on the waves of just a family fun day on the beach. Poncho towels are the ideal. Whether you’ve had a hard time out on your surfboard, putting a poncho towel on after to dry off and keep yourself warm is just what you want. Then you can change into your dry clothes and off you go.

Taking a surfing poncho towel for a beach day is ideal. It allows you to keep warm after a play in the sea. Cover up when a slight chill hits (UK beaches!) and gives you the privacy to change your clothes whenever you need.


These poncho towels aren’t just handy for surfing or the beach. When you are swimming at local swimming pool, they are perfect to put on. Especially if you have taken the family for a swim. Your children always take priority with getting dry and changed, and rather than you standing round getting frozen – the poncho towel will keep you warm. The best part is that it wont fall down and you won’t be using one arm to change your baby with the other holding your towel up. You will be hands free, with hood up, keeping warm and dry. Everybody will be happy!


A great use for them is also for camping. Everybody has been in those grim and muddy shower blocks where you not 100% you come out any cleaner than when you went in! They’re not exactly the places where you want to put a bag or clean clothes down. So with a surfing poncho towel you can, get showered, throw it on, grab your stuff and walk back to your tent covered up and clean. Again, those campsite shower blocks are tricky if you’re with the family so it can help you get dry and keep covered while you sort everyone out.

How Did The Surfing Poncho Towel Come To Exist?

The history of the surfing poncho towel began with our favourite pastime: surfing. In the early days of surfing, it was apparent that something was missing. Surfers needed a way to change in and out of their wetsuits without baring it all to the world.  

The origins of the surf poncho date back to the 1960s in California where surf culture was taking off and being exported worldwide. Surfers needed a quick and convenient way to change out of their wet gear while preserving their modesty. The surf poncho, essentially a hooded towel with a wide opening at the front, became the answer.

Early surf ponchos were often handmade by surfers themselves, using old towels or fabric. However, as surfing gained popularity worldwide, so did the surf poncho towel. Today’s surf poncho towels come in an array of colours, patterns, and designs, reflecting the individuality and fashion-consciousness of surfers and beachgoers.

Surf poncho towels have transcended their original purpose as changing aids. They’re now multi-functional beach companions. They provide warmth and coverage, making them perfect for keeping you cosy during chilly beach evenings or protecting you from the sun’s rays during hot summer days.