Best Foam Surfboards

Searching for a foam surfboard that suits your skill level and surfing needs is something that you need to get right. You want to ensure that you choose a surfboard that will help you catch loads of waves, but also allow you to progress, so that you get the maximum return on your investment. Within this page you will find out more information on the best foamboards on the market. You will be able to choose a foam board that suits your size, ability and surfing goals.

Quick Verdict

Best Beginner Foam Surfboard

Probably one of the best foam surfboards on the market thanks to the strength within the surfboard. The two stringers that run through the middle, will mean this soft-top surfboard will last you for many seasons.

Thanks to the extra volume and enhanced stability, you’ll catch heaps of waves with this to really bring on your surfing ability.

What is a Foam Surfboard?

The foam surfboard or “soft top” is unlike its traditional surfboard family member, as it is not made with fibreglass or epoxy. The foam surfboard is made from a dense EPS foam throughout and covered in an EVA coating. This gives the board a compression-like feel, as the foam reacts like a trainer sole, as it absorbs the energy placed upon it.

The base of the board is smooth to allow for a slick ride across the water, while the top of the board has that swimming float texture to it. Some boards recommend wax so be sure to check this out to ensure you’ve got maximum grip when you are out on the waves.

Are Foam Surfboards worth buying?

The soft-top foam surfboard is a gem of a purchase which we will explain in this article.  For a number of reasons you should definitely consider buying one of these if you are looking to have a good time out on the waves.

The stigma of it being a beginner board, certainly holds some truth, if you are going to end up buying a longboard version of this style. However, the marketplace for the soft-top has become vast and there are definitely some worthwhile investments for experienced surfers to consider too.

Best Foam Surfboards

Olaian Foam Surfboard

Beginner Foam Sufboard
  • Length: 7’0””
  • Volume: 60L
  • Fins: 3 Fin System
  • Construction: Polystyrene Upper Part with Polyethylene Structure Underneath

At 7 feet tall, this foam surfboard does not feel like a heavy beginner board as it moves well in the water. The advantage of this foam surfboard is that it will turn nicely in the water. A beginner will enjoy the stability it offers. With 60L of volume you can guarantee that you will catch waves on any day at the beach. However, as you get better at your surfing craft, the smaller size allows more manoeuvrability.

If you surf the UK waters, you might be looking for a surfboard that can be used no mater what the conditions are, well this board is worth considering. The foam top means no hard wipe-out’s and the reassurance that you won’t get badly hurt if you fall off. The rear tail pad gives direction on where to put your foot – which is always helpful in the learning phase.

I also like the design, It’s stylish and daring. It also stands out, which is useful if you are buying this board for someone else and want to be able to pick them out on a crowded day at the beach.

Ocean and Earth Ezi Rider Surfboard

Best foam surfboard for beginners
  • Length: 5’6” to 9′
  • Volume: 47L – 80L
  • Fins: 3 Soft PU Fins
  • Construction: Softboard built around EPS Foam Core

The Ocean and Earth Ezi Rider is a great option for beginners, kids, intermediates and even high performing surfers. This board comes in a variety of options in the soft top surfboard range. The foam is a closed cell design so it is resistant to abrasion and incredibly durable so the life span on this board is extensive. 

There are two unseen stringers (x3 stringers on boards over 8’0) running the whole length of the board to help with stiffness. In simple terms, this will help you to catch waves. This will also allow those more advanced surfers to get more response from the board when trying to carve turns into their waves.

Due to the variety of lengths, you can get a board to suit your size and ability. They are absolutely packed with volume and it is really easy to paddle, so for beginners, this is a great option to allow you to catch lots and lots of waves, which is essential for improving your surfing craft.

As mentioned it is easy for paddling, which is therefore going to help you in terms of not getting  fatigued too easily. The thick rails provide excellent buoyancy which is why this board is fantastic for anyone starting their surf adventure.

Bunyip Bandit Soft Top Surfboard

Soft Top Foam Surfboard
  • Length: 6’8
  • Volume: 50L – 55L
  • Fins: 3 Fin System – FCS 1
  • Construction: Softboard built around EPS Foam Core

This is a hybrid surfboard that suits all ability styles, which is why it is my favourite option in the foam surfboard market.

Firstly, this soft top surfboard looks like a regular surfboard. I mentioned early on in the article that the stigma behind a foamy, is that you instantly look like a beginner. Well this soft top surfboard takes that worry away, as the design is flawless.

It also surfs more like a regular surfboard thanks to it’s double stringer and epoxy layer. This gives a slick feel as you ride across the wave and improves the overall performance of the board.

The Chameleon Grip used on this surfboard means that you will not need to invest in any surf wax, as your feet aren’t going to slip from underneath you as you begin your surfing progressions. Thanks to it’s high volume, your progression from novice will be quick, and the beauty of this board is that it will continue to grow with you as it’s a higher performing board.

Overall we like this board because you get everything you need in one stop. The safety and reassurance of a soft board, with the high performance of a regular hard surfboard. The price also seems very fair given the durability of the board – so expect to get your money’s worth if you invest in the brilliant soft top surfboard.

Osprey Pinstripe Foam Surfboard

Osprey Pinstripe foam surfboard
  • Length: 7’2”
  • Width: 22’2”
  • Fins: 3 rubber fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: XPE soft foam deck with EPS Core

The price that you’re going to pay for this board, I feel you get a lot in return and you can consider this one of the best soft top surfboards for beginners to start on.

 At 7’2” this mid-length surfboard is a good starter size for any beginner to intermediate surfer. The length, width and volume of the surfboard mean that you’re going to catch heaps of waves.  If you are not a regular surfer, the paddle is going to be easy on your shoulders and not lead to much of a burnout in your session.

The design of this board encourages the nose to stay above the water, meaning less wipe outs through bad positioning. On those days when the swell is small all you can guarantee that this thing will catch waves meaning your trip to the beach will never be wasted.

The rubber fins that are included within the price provide the extra level of safety.  If you are buying the surfboard for a beginner or young surfer, then you can be more reassured that they are not going to get injured while using the board due to its soft tech design.

Vacuum seal design of the board is meant to help improve durability so that knocks and bumps have less of an impact. Remember that these boards hold their value well so if you  decide that you would like  an upgrade,  rest assured that you  should hopefully get the majority of your money back.

Hot surf 69 7ft Soft Board

Hot Surf 69 Soft Foam Board with leash and fin
  • Length: 7’
  • Width: 21’7”
  • Thickness: 3”
  • Volume: 65 Litres
  • Style: Mini mal
  • Fins: 3 fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: Heat laminated deck skin with EPS Core

One of the best things about this board is the design. When carrying it under your arm, you could be forgiven for thinking this is not a soft top foam surfboard. The wood graphics, along with the mini mal design, give this surfboard a classic Malibu look.

As is the case with the majority of foam surfboards, there is excellent volume and stability to be had here. The increased volume within the rocker should help to improve the number of waves you are catching while surfing. This board has a solid EPS construction with wooden stringers protecting the core,  which essentially means you have good durability and a nice floaty feel.  

This is a non-waxing foam surfboard,  so if you are looking at ways to save money,  at least you do not need to spend any cash on surfboard wax.  The slick underneath section of the board is smooth and allows for a fast glide along the waves. The tri-fin, thruster setup will help with stability and manoeuvrability along the waves.  There is plenty of fun to be had on this surfboard.

Osprey Foam Surfboard Complete with Leash and Fins

Budget Foam Surfboard
  • Length: 7’/8’/9’
  • Volume: 75L
  • Fins: 3 rubber fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: EPS Core, Expanded Polystyrene
  • Tail: Square

This foam surfboard comes in a range of sizes so consider where you are at in your surfing ability before you opt into choosing the length. Things to consider are your skill level and also your body weight and size. These boards are designed to be very buoyant and with 75 litres of volume, you are guaranteed to get heaps of waves with this, however if you’re a taller, larger person, I would recommend opting for a longer length board, to help guarantee good stability when learning to surf.

This osprey foam surfboard offers suggestions and guidance on where to place hands and feet while surfing. For a complete novice you may find this useful,  as you will benefit from the markers used on the board to help you line yourself up before catching a wave.

It will also be useful to provide real time feedback on whether you need to adjust your position either before you paddle for a wave, or while you stood up. This type of mechanical guidance is useful for beginners, as it may offer some reasons as to why you are falling off.

Like all these foamies, this surfboard is going to offer good durability.  When you are loading it on and off your roof rack, or potentially bumping into people in the waves, at least you know it’s not going to cause a massive amount of damage that needs repair.

The rubber fins and leash that are included mean that you are able to go surfing straight away. This provides good value for money as a budget foam surfboard option when making your first splash into the surfing world. 

Ocean and Earth Ezi Rider Fish Tail

Best advanced fish foam surfboard
  • Length: 5’6” – 7’0
  • Width: 21’ – 22″1/8”
  • Volume: 40 – 60 Litres 
  • Style: Fish
  • Fins: 3 fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: Heat laminated deck skin with EPS Core

Not every foam board needs to be the size of a tree in order to have a good time on the waves. Ocean and Earth have made a fun and floaty little fish for you to enjoy a shred on. 

I will admit, the majority of my surfing time gets done in the summer. Therefore I sacrifice those larger winter swells for the inconsistency of the British summer. On a small day I often spend too much time paddling around to find the right size wave to catch. You can remove that problem straight away by buying one of these soft top fish tails.

These foam surfboards are  traditionally designed to enjoy lots of waves on. They suit beginners (especially youth surfers) and advanced surfers.

While an advanced surfer might prefer an epoxy surfboard, there is fun to be had if you are looking for a floaty small board to play with in the summer. 

The top of the deck has a non-waxing skin to it that is very grippy and the base provides a smooth track to glide across the water on. The small size provides great manoeuvrability which is also helped by the three thin thruster setup. The volume of the board allows for an easy paddle and so much fun on the water.

Boardworks Froth Foam Surfboard

Board Works Froth Foam Board
  • Length: Starting at 5’0”
  • Fins: 3 rubber fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: EPS Core
  • Tail: Diamond

An exciting new foam surfboard from Boardworks, that has certainly has a wow factor associated with it. Make no mistake, this is a performance surfboard, so you can expect to have lots of fun on top of this surfboard, provided you know what you are doing.

It comes in a range of sizes that have high volume in each board respectively. Based on these key factors, I would only be looking to purchase this surfboard if I was a high level surfer, or at least aiming to become one. The extra volume attached to this board will allow you to catch those slightly weaker waves and get some fun out of the wave.

It has an Epoxy core so it is durable and lightweight that will last you a long time. It has the soft safety fins as standard, but these can be swapped out for FCS hard fins if you are looking to make your session that more demanding. It has an eye-catching design that will help sell this board in high numbers. If you are looking for some summer fun, then this board will allow lots of waves to be caught, with a high level of manoeuvrability. 

Ocean & Earth Flying Fish

Ocean and Earth Surfboard
  • Length: 5’8”
  • Width: 22 
  • Volume: 48L
  • Fins: 4 Fin System – FCS 1
  • Construction: Softboard built around EPS Foam Core

Who said that foam boards are just beginner boards? This foamy flying fish from Ocean and Earth allows the elite to enjoy some of the foam board fun. The cross-linked IXL PE skin provides a durable and grippy surface to stand on. While the two stringers that run through the surfboard provide great stability. This means that the board will keep it’s shape.

This type of foam surfboard is perfect for anyone looking to get out and go wild in small wave conditions. Unlike some of the bigger foam boards on this list, the volume is not as great, so don’t expect to have the stability and buoyancy that a larger board offer. However at 45 Liters you are going to catch some waves on even the smallest of days.

This foam surfboard is perfect for beginners in small waves (1-3FT) who want a light board to catch waves on. If you’re an intermediate surfer you will enjoy the durability that this board offers and also the versatility of turns you can produce from this lightweight floaty. 

Ocean Storm Foam Surfboard

Ocean Storm Green Foam Surfboard
  • Length: Ranges from 5’0” to 9’”
  • Width: Ranges from 20 to 23 3/16
  • Thickness: Ranges from 2 ½ to 215/16 
  • Volume: Ranges from 65.6L to 92L
  • Fins: 3 rubber fins (Thruster) set up
  • Construction: EPS Core

If you’re struggling to find a surfboard with a colour that you like, look no further than this ocean storm foam surfboard  range, as it has as every colour in the rainbow covered. 

The back to school range is a perfect entry-level board for any beginner. As well as the colours,  there are multiple options in terms of length and width so even the smallest to larger surfer is going to be able to find a surfboard that fits their needs.

You may find these boards within surf schools across the country, and this is due to the fact that it’s a great surfboard to learn on. The textured phone top provides good grip to allow for a solid pop up onto the board.  The  GPS phone call is going to provide good durability and help survive the Falls and Dings that await every beginner. 

One nice feature on this board is the built-in carry handles that allow you to insert your fingers into the board for an easier haul to the ocean.

One of the problems with longboard designs is the fact that they can be a pain when carrying. The foam board weighs more than it’s epoxy sister,  therefore they can often be a bit of a beast to carry, especially on a low tide when you need to track that to the car park. These handles mean that you can fit the board under your arm and carry with relative ease.  While it doesn’t seem important now, this feature will be very helpful, especially if this board is for a mini “gromit” who is just learning to surf. 

The biggest board on offer gives 92 litres of volume, so you could probably take your pet rhino out on the water with you if needed and you will still stay afloat. If you’re looking at buying a surfboard for your kids, then this range is a perfect option and offers good value for money.

What should I look for in a Foam Surfboard?

When looking to buy a foam surfboard you are going to need to consider what you want in return. The obvious considerations are length and width. Generally, if you are buying a shorter length surfboard, it is because you can ride waves comfortably and have no issues popping up and catching waves. If this is not the case, we would not recommend purchasing a board any shorter than 6’6”. The width of the board is where you’ll find your stability so be aware of this when comparing different boards.

The fin setup may be different depending on the board you purchase. A lot of the fins are “pop in fins” which make them ideal for travel purposes as they can pop in and out,  making them easier to pack. The traditional thruster set up (3 fins) will provide good stability and manoeuvrability when riding the waves, while the single fin with have that loose feel and speed down the line.

What are the advantages of a Foam Surfboard?

There are lots of good things about the soft top surfboard that make buying a foam surfboard a worthwhile investment.

Let’s start with the skill level of your surfing. If you are a beginner, these surfboards are going to give you a great first experience of surfing.

When I first started surfing I bought a 6’10” big fish O’Shea surfboard. I took it for a Summer in Newquay and expected to be surfing by the end of the day. I spent the first 2-weeks wiping out wave after wave and made so little progress that I was questioning my passion for surfing.

A friend I met, allowed me to go on his 9-ft longboard and spent the whole day catching waves. I made rapid progress and improved so much. These boards are going to allow you to have a similar experience. They will make catching waves a doddle if it’s the start of your surfing journey. Why not maximise your enjoyment levels, by catching heaps of waves every time you go in the water.

Staying with skill level,  when you’re learning to surf you’re going to be falling off a lot and the beauty of this soft top foam surfboard means that you are not going to get knocked out by your own bored when you fall off.  When you are learning there’s often time you’re slipping down on your elbows or knees,  you will really appreciate this soft nature of these boards during this process. 

The very nature of these boards make them as durable as possible. As we’ve already discussed, falling off your board and banging your surfboard against other boards are inevitable hazards of learning to surf. Foamboards alleviate some of the worries over this, as they are  ready to endure this type of rough play.  Another advantage is that they are a cheaper entry into the surfing world, therefore you don’t need to worry as much about dinging your £600 epoxy board.

Boards these days hold their value, so if you look after you board, which I’m sure you will due to the hard wearing and nature, you will probably be able to sell your board for a break-even amount or a very small loss.  Therefore this makes it a good purchase idea, if you are a beginner looking to buy a first foamboard.

Another thing to point out is the technology advancements that have come when building these types of surfboard. I’ve mentioned that these boards are ideal for beginners, but don’t think that an experienced surfer is not going to have a good time if you choose to buy one yourself. The foam boards come in different lengths and if you are looking for a shorty that gives you good manoeuvrability, the market for soft tops is fast and you’ll be able to find something that gives you good fun and quality surfing time on the waves.