Best Paddleboard Electric Pump

The beauty of paddleboarding these days is the freedom it gives you to explore different water locations. You can pack your SUP into an easy to carry backpack and be on the water anywhere. The one downside however is getting your paddleboard inflated quickly, which leaves many paddleboarders wondering…what is the best paddleboard electric pump?

Quick Verdict

Fast electric SUP Pump

We like this electric paddleboard pump for it’s speed of inflation.

It inflates to a high PSI so can be used on high quality paddleboards and kayaks.

Do I need an Electric Paddleboard Pump?

We live in a society where we want instant gratification. I was amazed when Netflix added the “Skip Intro” button. It saved time and made logical sense. No longer was I listening to the same intro music of my favourite box set, I was straight into the action.

If I apply this to paddleboarding, the electric paddleboard pump is the “Skip Intro” button. The electric pump saves you some invaluable time when inflating your paddleboard as you can tend to other jobs while the pump is doing its thing. 

When we head to the beach, I load up our beach trolley with the cool box and kids gear. Once we have set up base camp I can begin to inflate the paddleboard. Now with a manual pump, this means I am out of action for about 15 minutes. At the end of this I am a sweaty mess and still need to climb into my wetsuit.

The electric pump gives you your time back. Once connected, you can get yourself ready while the electric pump does the heavy lifting. Depending on the pump you choose, it might take anywhere from 6-10 minutes to inflate. This time is different now though. Instead of pumping away I am getting ready. I am applying sun cream, getting essentials together, talking to the family etc. You can set your pump to its desired PSI and then wait until it’s done.

Getting an electric pump really is a valuable time saver if you plan on using your paddleboard more than once. It’s one of those purchases that might hurt, as you can pump away for free. However, once you have it, you’ll feel rewarded in your decision making.

Another reason to buy an electric paddleboard pump is that it allows for a higher PSI inflation than most can achieve manually. The paddleboard you buy will perform best when inflated to its optimal inflation point. With a manual pump this means you have to work very hard in order to get it fully inflated. A cheaper manual pump may feel like breaking as you push in those last few pounds of pressure!

The electric paddleboard pump is designed to reach the higher PSI levels, so instead of popping blood vessels, you can relax and let the pump do the work. Afterall, you’ve got an adventure to prepare for….you need your energy.

Our Top Electric Paddleboard Pumps

Outdoor Master Shark II: 20 PSI

Best electric pump for paddleboards

In terms of overall look, this is one of my favourite electric pumps for my SUP. As a Wolves fan I think I am drawn to orange and black, so maybe I am a little biased, but I think it looks great. The sleek handle design alongside the curved outer shell give this pump a head start in terms of look.

In terms of performance it is very good. Capable of pumping to 20 PSI, this electric SUP pump is good for paddleboards, inflatable tents and kayaks. You will easily meet your paddleboards PSI rating, so you will not have to worry that your board isn’t quite ready for the water.

The Outdoor Master Shark Pump has a built in active cooling system to prevent overheating. This is great for pumping up multiple boards one after the other. The most we have tried out is three paddleboards in a row and it passed the test.

It’s incredibly easy to use, with a clear display setting that allows you to vary the PSI. It has an automatic shut off point, so once you have reached your desired inflation level, it will cease inflating. This is very handy as you might be in the middle of something and not want to run over panicking that your paddleboard is about to explode!

The 12V DC car connector attached to your car’s cigarette lighter and the nozzles on the pump come with multiple attachment points, so you can use this on more than just the paddleboard. We have an inflatable camping tent that we also use this for as well as our blow up mattress.

The noise level of the Shark II was not too bad compared to some of the others we tested. It has a two speed setting that varies the noise and pressure. The varied speed doesn’t affect inflation time either, as it is one of the quicker pumps we tested. It took just over 8 minutes to inflate our Hurley Phantom Paddleboard.

Overall this is a great electric SUP pump. It’s very easy to use and gives a high level of performance. With a two year warranty you get your own level of security when you opt for this electric pump.

Hiks Electric Paddleboard SUP Pump

20 PSI Electric Pump

When choosing the best electric paddleboard pump you might be looking at features that other pumps don’t come with. With the Hiks 12 Volt Pump the difference makers are the extra long cable and carry bag.

The carry bag gives this pump a portable feel to your pump. I like it as it provides a safe storage place where I can throw all parts in. As simple as this may sound, having a bag helps. Sometimes a box can be hard to get everything back in. The box ends up looking like a twisted mess as I forcibly close it without everything going in as designed. With the bag you can simply throw it all away when done.

As for the cable, at 3m long you don’t need to worry about being cramped up against your car as you can easily stretch out your paddleboards and inflate in open space. This is helpful, as I have experienced the squeeze, where you’re trying to inflate and the cable keeps detaching as it’s pulled out the cigarette lighter.

Performance wise, the HIKS electric pump performs well and I doubt anyone who invests their hard earned cash will be disappointed. Compared to the Shark II electric pump, it gives the same 20 PSI, however it took slightly longer to pump up the same paddleboard. There wasn’t much in it (about 1 minute) and the end job was the same: a fully inflated paddleboard.

The noise level is comparable to most electric pumps. It starts off seemingly quiet, but by the time the pressure really kicks in you notice it level up in terms of noise decibels. 

The HIKS pump has 4 different attachments included, so you can use this pump on multiple bots of kit such as kayaks and tents. The on screen display lets you pre-set your level of PSI and automatically shuts off when done.

Overall this is a good electric pump for paddleboards. It’s affordable and easy to use, so definitely one to consider if looking for a SUP Pump on a budget.

ITIWIT Electric Pump for SUPS

Budget Paddleboard Pump

The pumps from decathlon are very easy to use, which always helps to sell a product. Another selling price would be the price as this is one the cheaper electric pumps on the list.

It’s not quite as nice to look compared to the other pumps out there. I feel the design looks a bit basic but don’t let that put you off. This is a perfectly fine electric pump to choose for paddleboards up to 15 PSI. With a two year warranty it give reassurance that while this is a budget electric sup pump, it is also going to last.

The 15 PSI setting means that beginner paddle boards will be suited to this pump. I say this as there aren’t many beginner boards above a 15 PSI setting. As you look at some of the more expensive and higher performance boards, you will notice an increase in the desired PSI. 

This pump runs slightly slower than some of the other pumps in this article. It took 12 minutes to fully inflate our board and the instructions recommend only inflating for 20 minutes at a time. Therefore this might lend itself to a single paddleboard user who only intends on inflating the one paddleboard. 

There are three different attachment options so you can use this pump on more than just your paddleboard, providing it meets the necessary PSI.

Overall this is the best budget electric sup pump you will probably find. If you just want to pump up a single SUP for yourself then this will perform just fine. 

Whale Shark Pro: Airbank Rechargeable SUP Pump 

Portable Electric Paddleboard Pump

The Whale Shark Pro SUP pump is slightly different. It offers the added benefit of being mobile, due the fact that it can hold a charge within the built in battery. This is brilliant as it means you can take the pump with you to the water’s edge.

While other electric pumps need you to inflate by the car, this one will allow you to move around. That is definitely a unique selling point.

The design of this electric paddleboard pump is tidy. I like the way everything clips together to allow for tidy storage. The air hose wraps around the pump and the power cable can be stowed neatly in the rear storage unit. With the added handlebar and lightweight, it really has been a well crafted bit of kit. You can tell that Airbanks wanted the customer to enjoy using the product.

It features a one touch inflation system that allows you to set a pressure. Hit the start button and then automatically shuts off when done. We found it worked incredibly well on three paddleboards, all of which I did without being attached to the car.

If you buy this electric pump, you want reassurance that it’s going to work beyond the car park. Our testing proved that it does exactly what it says. As for any electronic device, the longevity of the battery will take testing over a longer period. If it does eventually die you can at least go back to the cable method as it connects to your cigarette lighter.

In terms of speed of inflation it inflated my paddleboard up to 16 PSI in under 10 minutes and the LED display is clear, easy to read and the controls are easy to use and set the psi you want. You can get up to 20 PSI so it’s suitable for many inflatable water sport vessels. It also deflates the board with the deflation setting. It makes it easier to roll up afterwards.

The price is reasonable, considering you are getting a bit more with the battery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bargain, but an appropriate amount of money for a high quality product.

Overall I like the Shark II as my favourite electric pump, however for the added feature of being “wireless’ ‘ I think this is one of the best electric paddleboard pumps you can buy.

Aqua Marina 2 Stage 12v – 20 PSI Electric Pump

2 stage paddleboard pump

The Aqua Marina is a high specification electric pump that performs well. You would expect from one of the more expensive electric paddleboard pumps on this list.

Similar to the Shark II, this electric pump has a two stage process to inflation. 

In stage one a large volume of air is pumped quickly to get through the early stage of inflation (when the pressure inside the paddleboard is low, so easier to fill). This is when you will notice the pump is at its most noisy.

Once in stage two, the noise volume drops, as the pump finishes off at a higher pressure – which in this pump is up to 20 PSI. The pump automatically cuts off once you have reached your desired pressure setting.

We found the pump to be one of the quickest on the list, filling our paddleboard in 7 minutes. It was user friendly, with an LCD screen that allows you to set an accurate PSI level. It runs off a cigarette lighter, so it’s a simple “plug in and go” type system. You can also use the pump to deflate your board which helps speed up the operation.

This is a premium electric sup pump, but performs well. You will not be disappointed when you choose this as your primary SUP pump.

Sandbanks Style 20 PSI Electric SUP Pump

Easy to use electric paddleboard pump

Sandbanks have their own range of paddleboards, so it makes sense that they come to the table with an efficient electric pump that can help take the strain away from inflating your paddleboard.

This is a quick and easy to use pump that helps with inflation and deflation for up to 20 PSI. When we tried it out on our Hurley SUP we found it took just under 10 minutes to get full inflation. Compared to some of the others on the list that was slightly slower, but nothing that suggests this isn’t just as good a pump.

The LCD screen is clear and works well in sunlight, which I liked. You can select between PSI and BAR, which for those with a preference may like more. As all the other pumps, this runs off your cigarette lighter and stops automatically once it has reached the inflation point.

We pumped up two boards during the trial and found that it didn’t overheat, so this is a good option for those who seek a multiple board pump.

It has multiple attachments that I also use for pumping up tents and kayaks, as well as mattresses when going camping.

Overall this is a great SUP electric pump that gives all the ones on this list a run for their money. 

What are the drawbacks to an electric pump?

Noise. Plain and simple, noise.

If you’ve ever pumped up a flat tyre with a manual pump you will understand that the electric pumps can be noisy. This isn’t really a drawback, more of a note for consideration.

I don’t empty my recycling first thing in the morning as I don’t want to wake up the neighbours. This could be said for using an electric pump. If you are using the pump early mornings in a quiet residential area, then you might get some unhappy residents showing you their displeasure.

You need to bear in mind how long you use your pump for due to overheating. Most pumps will tell you how many boards they can do. If you plan on using it for multiple boards, there is a slight risk that you overheat the pump and it needs a time out.

Overall there aren’t many drawbacks with choosing an electric paddleboard pump. They use your car’s battery as a means of power, so if I am splitting hairs I could give you one more negative and that is, if you overuse it all day then your car could suffer a flat battery. This however is easily avoidable as you can just start the car beforehand to ensure it’s still charging.