Best Bodyboards

A bodyboard or ‘boogie board’ as some would refer to it as, is a shorter form of a surfboard. As well as bodyboarding being an actual competitive water sport, it is also a fun and accessible way to surf at the beach for everyone. In the Summer, beaches are full of families playing in the water with them. Let us help you find the best bodyboards available in the UK for this year.

Quick Verdict

Good all round bodyboard

The Fetch 50 Bodyboard is a fantastic bodyboard that can suit any ability level. Thanks to it’s slick base it’s easy to catch waves on.

The EPO core mean that this bodyboard stay strong over many years. With a coiled leash, you will be hard pressed to find a better value bodyboard this Summer.

What size Bodyboard do I need?

Let’s deal with size first. One of the rookie mistakes to make is keeping the same bodyboard you had when they were a kid.  I’ve seen this on a regular basis down by the beach, a 40-year old man, carrying a bodyboard he probably had when he was a child. Well since he was a child, he has grown taller and now enjoys a few more McDonald’s and a few more beers than he used to, which has probably added an extra 10 stone to his weight. I’m trying to paint a picture here…be honest and open with the type of board you are going to need.

Make adjustments to the board that you need, based on your height and weight. The longer and heavier the person, the longer, thicker and broader the board you need. This will give you better volume and ensure that you’re able to stay on top of the water when catching a wave. 

Your ability level will obviously play a factor in the type of board you are looking to invest in. If you are looking for a play and a paddle in the white wash with your family then don’t be too concerned about the spec of the board. However if you are a highly skilled body border then there are a couple of things to consider. 

Those dropping in and catching a few more vertical waves will benefit from a bit more length on your board.  Whereas, surfers looking for the hollow waves may benefit from a smaller style bodyboard as it will mean more control on those heavy waves.

Another thing to consider will be the temperature of the water you are surfing in. If like me, you toil in the cold waters of the UK you will benefit from a bodyboard with a core that allows some flex to help with those turns. Colder waters can cause some of the materials to stiffen therefore you want a lower density polyurethane board.

If you are surfing warmer waters, then you can afford to have one of those stiffer boards as they will be able to handle the warm water without flexing too much. 

One final point is don’t be pigeonholed by certain brands, or rely too much on your friends’ tips that they “always use”. Look at what requirements you need from this board and then be open-minded on your purchase.

Our Best Bodyboards

Fetch 50 Bodyboard

Bodyboard for bigger person

We believe that bodyboards should last you more than one season, which is why we recommend products that are hard wearing and built to last.

The Fetch 50 bodyboard is a great choice as you get a high performing bodyboard that will stay in shape better than most bodyboards on the market. This is thanks to the fiberglass stringer that runs through the length of the board. While other boards may lose there shape when wet, this one will stay more stiff, which will help it’s longevity.

Another benefit of this bodyboard is that it comes with multiple size options. These run from 40″ to 44″ so you can choose a board size that suits your height and weight. Adults or teens over 5’9 and 70kg will benefit from the extra volume as you be able to catch more waves and ride the wave for longer.

Choosing a bodyboard that fits your frame is often overlooked, as you might expect all products to deliver the same result. There is a reason why you see other riders flying past you in the sea, and that is because they’ve got the right size board that allows them to harness the energy from the wave.

The thick EPS core give this board good buoyancy and stability, so this is a great bodyboard for beginners and intermediate riders. It comes with a PCX slick bottom that aids the glide over the water.

One final point about this bodyboard is that it is built with a heat laminate rather than glue. This is better for it’s life span as you don’t have to worry about the glue failing as the board gets older.

Given that you get a nice coiled leash as standard, this is a wise investment if you are looking for your first bodyboard.

Soul Stream – 41” Bodyboard

best saltrock bodyboard

This is a perfect entry-level bodyboard that will allow you to catch heaps of ways due to its length and volume.  At 41 long this is going to allow all riders to catch plenty of waves even on those small swell days. This board offers good value for money and is not over priced therefore, if you’re looking for a good quality bodyboard that can be used repeatedly this will be a wise investment. 

It has a couple of options for you and has some interesting graphics that will make this board stand out against some of its more basic rivals.

Radbug 900 Bodyboard

Intermediate bodyboard

If you are looking to level up your bodyboarding this Summer then this Bodyboard will be the perfect choice. Designed for intermediate to advanced bodyboarders, you will get great speed if you choose to buy this board.

This is a high performance bodyboard. The overall volume and rounder nose means that you can use this bodyboard all year round. For UK surfers that’s great as it means you can still enjoy this bodyboard on a small day, but also catch airs and ride barrels when the swell is pumping.

The bodyboard is very sturdy due to the high quality materials involved in the build construction. For example, the high density foam core with composite stringer means that it fly’s down the wave like a bullet and responds when you want to make turns. The stringer also means that it keeps it’s shape, so it’s going to last you a long time.

The nose bumpers aid grip and give improved manoeuvrability, so if you are looking to expand your tricks and airs, this bodyboard is perfect for taking you to the next level.

The only drawback will be price. This is not your average bodyboard, so you will be expected to pay slightly more than some of the others on this list. Don’t let that put you off though as if you visits the ocean a few times a year will get a return on your invest through fun and skill development thanks to it’s high level features.

Two Bare Feet – 44” Bodyboard

Best budget bodyboard

Two Bare Feet have come up with a wide range of designs for you to choose from.  At 44”, this bodyboard provides plenty of volume to increase your bodyboarding opportunities. You will be able to catch waves even on the smallest swell days.

The high density EPS core provides solid strength and durability. The crescent tail allows for a user-friendly experience. The high density polyethylene bottom adds good recoil on shape. This means you can bend the board to grip that wave on sharp turns – and it will still return to its original shape.

With multiple colour options to choose from, these bodyboards are great budget options for families wishing to kit out teenagers and young adults.

Gul Response – 42” Bodyboard

GUL response light blue bodyboard

Another floaty bodyboard that is going to help a larger surfer catch a tonne of waves. This bodyboard is very reasonably priced and you get some good specs from this board.

It has an EPO core, so it’s going to be flexible and not be too stiff in our cold UK waters. The slick base to allow for smooth travel across the water. It also features a crescent tail, which helps with comfort levels when prone on the board. You can also get a matching children’s bodyboard here.

 BPS ‘Storm’ Bodyboard with Coiled Leash – 33”/37”/41”

BPS Blue bodyboard

Available in various lengths, this super lightweight board features a slick, high-speed bottom surface that will offer a high level of performance in multiple wave conditions. There is a size guide to help you choose the right board.

The EPS core will help with flex and durability when riding waves. One unique feature with this bodyboard are the bottom rear channels. The design of these are supposed to help channel the water underneath the board, which in theory should help to improve your speed. The crescent tail offers comfort and control on all wave surfaces.

This board has something to offer for all ability levels. You will have plenty of wave catching opportunities for many years to come!

GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard Hard Slick

GYN legendary rasta design bodyboard

Less of an entry level board, but still suitable for all skill levels, this heat sealed bodyboard offers study construction for those heavier waves. The heat sealing process offers a strong board that also bubbles less easily. It comes in two sizes (33” and 42”) and widths, so ensure you are aware of what you need from this board. The extra length and width will help those larger riders.

It has all the features you would look for in a body board. The crescent tail, for ease of use. Leash and wrist strap are included, which is standard. The main attraction are the design options. Be sure to check out the different variations as this helps you board to stand out in a crowd.

Skulduggery – 41” Saltrock Bodyboard

saltrock bodyboard

This board is one for the whole family to enjoy. No matter what your ability level, you are going to have a good ride on the waves with this bodyboard.

One of the cooler designs on the market,  it has an eye-catching graphic that offers a more mature look when compared to some of the other bodyboards on the market. The larger sized crescent tail should help you hold onto the rail of the wave.

The EVA outer helps reduce drag, so allows for a good speed over the water – which is what you want when trying to maximise your ride on every wave. With the firm EPS core, this board will give you a good return for your money as it’s going to be durable and last a long time.

NMD Njoy 44″ Bodyboard

NMD Blue Bodyboard

We really rate the bodyboards from NMD due to high specifications and there overall affordability. This bodyboard is great for larger sized riders. This is due to it’s 44″ size, making it one of the biggest bodyboards on this list.

As you can see from the image, it comes with the classic crescent tail shape. This allows your legs freedom to kick when you are trying to build up speed when catching waves.

This is a tough, durable bodyboard that will perform well in the UK’s cold water. This is thanks to the EPS core, which give the board it’s stiffness. If you are unsure why that is good, it means you will be able to ride the waves more quickly as there is less drag. If you are a larger rider this works to your advantage as you don’t have to worry over your weight bearing down on the board and creating extra drag.

The HDPE mesh gives a slick surface, so you get some fast line speed as you ride the edge of the wave. This ia great bodyboard option for intermediate riders.

Bodyboarding Accessories

Bodyboard fins

Other accessories you may want to consider to include in your purchase of a bodyboard, are some fins. These help increase your speed when you are trying to catch a wave. A faster moving wave may pass you by if you can’t keep up with the pace of it. These fins will help you to accelerate through the water to help solve these problems.

Bodyboard Bags

A day at the beach can be easier with a bodyboard. A bodyboard bag allows storage for up to two bodyboards plus your beach gear! Check out our review of the Best Bodyboard Bags. They double up as a day bag so you can throw your wetsuit, towel and fins inside it. The padded straps means you have an easy trip for the day and if you’re heading for food or drinks after your surf, this provides good storage and protection for all your gear. Well worth a purchase to help you maximise your pleasure while at the beach.

What are the Advantages of Bodyboarding?

If you are doing a comparison to surfing there are lots of benefits to be had by bodyboarding:

  • You can access waves that not all surfers are able to ride on. Bodyboarders have the advantage of being able to drop in on steeper waves and also can access different sections of the wave that would normally make you wipeout on a surfboard.
  • You can transport a bodyboard really easily – there aren’t any dilemma’s on which is the best roof rack to buy, as you can just chuck the board in the boot on top of your suitcase!
  • Fitness benefits are similar and you’re guaranteed to have a good workout when bodybuilding
  • Financially, bodyboards are not going to hurt your pocket as much as investing into a surfboard.

Why buy a Bodyboard?

There was a time when bodyboarding was the ugly sister to the more traditional stand up surfboard and it did not get the same level of street credibility. However, over time there has been an evolution of bodyboarding. The standard of prone wave riders increased and the risks and skills they were able to demonstrate on waves increased the popularity of the sport.

Today you are able to dip your toe in the water easily as this market has lots to offer everyone from absolute novices, to highly skilled riders.

What do I need to know when buying a Bodyboard?

One thing to remember is that there is a board for every rider. That means you must take into consideration the size of the person riding the board, the waves you wish to surf on, and the temperature of the water you wish to surf in. Included with your bodyboard will be a leash and wrist strap – which are vital to maintain safety while on the waves.

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