Best Bodyboards For Kids

Getting the best bodyboard for your kids will help improve your day at the beach and their enjoyment while in the water. There are lots of things you might want to consider though before you commit to choosing a children’s bodyboard and we aim to help you to get the most from your money.

Quick Verdict

Best Body Board for Kids

We like this kids bodyboard as it comes in various sizes to suit little ones.

It gives high performance on the water at an affordable price.

Should I Buy A Children’s Bodyboard?

You might be asking yourself this because you are unsure whether to get an adult sized bodyboard for your kids or buy them their own sized one. Age and size of the child in question will play a big factor in this decision.

Bodyboards come in different lengths and volumes. It’s fairly obvious that an adult will need a bigger size to help their extra weight stay afloat in order to catch the wave. Small people, or children in this case, don’t need as much volume in order to catch a wave.

A teenager in their later years will definitely benefit from getting an adult sized bodyboard. The reason for this is that they will be able to grow into the board and then enjoy it for longer. 

On the basis that most children will not be advanced bodyboarders, choosing a bodyboard that fits them is the most important feature to worry about. But how do you know which size bodyboard is right? 

It’s a difficult question to answer. Children vary in size so much, therefore a board that fits a 6 year old may also fit a 10 year old. When I am buying clothes for my kids they almost never fit the actual age recommendations.  

I personally feel that young children, who are between 140 cm and 157cm will benefit from boards that are sized at 33”-37”. On a rough estimate, that’s between 38 kg and 54kg. This gives a lot of wiggle room and by no means is a definitive statement, it’s just what my experience has taught me.

Children or young adults who are over 157 will then need to head towards the high sized boards that are towards the 40” and above section.

 A bodyboard that comes up to your belly button when standing tall will usually serve you well as an adult, but when it comes to kids try to make sure they are able to kick their legs when on the board as it will help them enjoy it more. The leg kicking is what will help them catch the wave, if their legs are impeded because the board is too big then it might restrict their success in the water. 

Best Bodyboards For Kids

Vision Nipper – 27”

Small bodyboard for kids

At 27” this kids bodyboard is the best bodyboard for your “little nippers”. It’s one of the smallest kids bodyboard available in our list, but it makes it on because it performs well in the water. If you compare this to some of the other small kids bodyboards, it really is a great investment.

It comes in a lifeguard style red and yellow. Your kids will love this as they will be able to blend in with the beach lifeguards. Just make sure you stay between the right colour flags in order to stay safe at the beach.

The core of the bodyboard is made from a durable XPS foam that is waterproof and able to withstand bumps, which are inevitable, should you choose to let your kids carry it to the beach.

It’s lightweight and very well priced for any future bodyboarder!

Gul Seaspray 33” Bodyboard

Good bodyboard for kids

Gul are experts at making bodyboards and we have enjoyed their products for years. This bodyboard is perfect for young children and at 33” it is lightweight so that kids as young as 5 can enjoy a bodyboard in the ocean.

The board comes with two deck graphic options that are suitable for both girls and boys. It’s a slick finished deck, so you get some nice speed once the wave has picked you up. 

The EPS core means it’s durable and water resistant, unlike the cheaper bodyboards on the market. It’s crescent tail will help your young one paddle and find good body placement when on the board.

The leash is included with the board, so once you buy this, you are ready to head to the beach and hit the waves. Overall a great bodyboard for young children.

Osprey Interceptor Bodyboard 33″ and 37″

Osprey Childs Bodyboard

This is a good bodyboard for kids to learn on. Firstly it comes in two size options. This is great for families as you can ensure you youngest child gets what the older sibling is too….but at the right size!

The HDPE slick base give a high quality ride across the wave. Once the wave has picked up your little bodyboarder, they will soon be flying towards shore. This is the thrill they need to enjoy a good time in the waves.

This bodyboard has everything you need to get started bodyboarding as it comes with a fitted leash plug and safety cord. This is vital for little surfers, as you will want to ensure they are always connected to their safety device. 

The crescent tail helps young riders find the sweet spot of where to lie, whilst also offering good manoeuvrability. This is certainly a good option to help young bodyboarders develop their skills over time. 

With multiple colour options to choose from, this Osprey Bodyboard is a great investment for any family.

Gul Response Junior 36″ Bodyboard

Gul beginner bodyboard

We have spent some great days at the beach using the Gul Response adult board, so their junior bodyboard is one of our favourite bodyboards for kids. 

It has strong EPO core that, combined with the slick bottom, gives good stability to complete turns. The EPO core also offers good durability, so this kids bodyboard will last you more than a few Summers. 

It comes with a safety leash as standard, so it’s a good purchase for a one stop shop for a bodyboard purchase. You can buy this with confidence that you’ve bought a good bodyboard for your kids.

iBoard Bodyboard – 33”

iboard bodyboard with green monster print

The first thing to catch your eye about this board are the graphics that pop out and grab your attention. This board is suitable for a smaller and younger bodyboarders,  therefore the graphics and design might be more important to the rider than the overall performance. 

This is a lightweight board that is ideal for beginners and younger bodyboarders. The curved design at the end of the bodyboard make surfing easier and fun with this body board. It has a sunken track at the bottom to allow for easy turns.

Monstermash – 37” Bodyboard

Monstermash saltrock bodyboard

Another Saltrock bodyboard which offers great value for money with good specifications to match. This board is designed for adults and young kids and both will enjoy the funky graphics on the board. It reminds me of the skateboard designs and it’s clear there has been a lot of attention to detail in the design of the board.

The slick PVA Outer offers good hydrodynamics. The EPS core will provide good durability making this board last a long period of time. It has a crescent tail and will allow good manoeuvrability and hold while on the face of the wave.

WBL Yello Bodyboard 33”/37”/42”

WBL Yello green bodyboard

One of the benefits of this WBL range is that it takes into consideration the different sizes of the riders. You could kit your whole family out with the same board in different lengths depending on their age and size.

This board is well suited to beginner and intermediate riders. It is designed with XPE shock absorbing polyethylene for excellent durability. It has the standard slick bottom finish to allow for less friction on the waves. Slightly cheaper than some of the other boards on the market – this will be a good option for those looking to save a few pounds, but still get a decent bodyboard to catch waves on.

What Bodyboard Should I Get For My Kids?

There are a few options to consider. I spent a few years travelling Australia and their kids were often ripping up the surf. It was actually pretty annoying being outdone on the waves by 6 year olds. The point I am making is that because more kids in Australia grow up on the coast and spend more time on the beach than in the UK, they require more advanced boards to ensure their skills develop.

In the UK, buying a really expensive bodyboard isn’t necessarily the best idea unless you plan on spending all year using it. If you only go to the beach for a weekly holiday each year, try to find a board that has the right amount of features that mean you get good fun in the water, balanced against cost.

We have already addressed  the size of the bodyboard, but you might also look at the core, base and deck of the bodyboard for kids. 

A bodyboard with an EPS core is recommended. It gives good cushioning to contact points like your elbows and hips. It is also durable and repels the water, so your bodyboard will last you a long time and not turn into a heavy sponge!

HDPE bases are great for helping the speed across the water, which for beginners is essential. You will notice that a bodyboard with the HDPE base looks shiny and slick. This is where you get the return from paying that little bit more than a bog standard bodyboard from a beach hut, which are basically big floats and to be avoided if you wish to use the bodyboard for more than a week.

As for the top of the board and XPE or IXPE deck helps to keep the “deck” of the bodyboard rigid and water resistant. You will want that rigidity so that the board keeps its shape. They will also help with traction to the board so that you don’t slip off. These deck options will help prevent the need for wax on the board. If you found that it was too slippery, look for some cold water board wax to help improve your “stick”.

One final thing you might see is the tail shape. Crescent shape tails are the most common type of tail and these types are good for beginners and kids as you can learn where to place your hips when on the board.

How Much Should I Spend On A Kid’s Bodyboard?

Budget is important to consider when buying a bodyboard. At the end of the day, kids grow up and fairly fast too. We’ve reviewed bodyboards that we consider quality products at a reasonable price. 

If you choose to opt for a budget bodyboard that costs £15 I think you will be disappointed. It’s not going to last and your kids are going to have envious eyes in the water as they’ll see other children doing much better on waves than they are and will wonder why.

Unless you want your child to become the next bodyboarding legend, any of these products will leave your child satisfied. Spending hundreds on a bodyboard might leave you with a great product, but if the person riding it is not advanced, it’s unlikely that the features and benefits it offers will be utilised.