Best Bodyboard Bags

If you enjoy days out at the beach and want an easy way of carrying all your gear, then you will be well served to invest into a bodyboard bag. They are a practical way of making sure your board is easy to carry, whilst also giving you storage for after a surf. We have a deep look into the best bodyboard bags on the market and explain additional features each one comes with.

Quick Verdict

Double Body Board Bag

This offers enough room for two bodyboards, but if you only need it for one bodyboard, you can now use it transport clothes and towels.

The front compartment comes with drainage holes to help dry out your wet gear after a surf. This is a great all round bodyboard bag that is comfy to carry around.

Do I Need A Bodyboard Bag?

The bodyboard is probably the most used piece of equipment on the UK coastline. All the family get to enjoy being out in the surf, with a piece of kit that is easy to transport and store. The bodyboard bag makes your trip to the beach that bit easier, as it means you can take your boards to the beach easily, whilst also using the bag to carry other items at the same time.

As we are a bigger family now,  the trip to the beach is more like taking half of our house with us.  Being able to use the bodyboard bag as a backpack is a great life hack, as it means we can also take the little ones’ wet suits and towels with us, as well as our own bodyboards, and have them in an easy to carry hold all. Not sure which bodyboard to buy? Check out our review guide for the best Bodyboards to buy.

We have taken a closer look at some of the top bodyboard bags on the market. Some of these bags are single board bags, so you can only fit one board inside. There are also multi board bags, where you can fit up to four boards inside. Finally, we have also looked at bags where you can take body boards to travel, so the bag does more than just transport boards, as it can become your mobile suitcase on wheels!

The Best Bodyboard Bags

Osprey Bodyboard Bag

Osprey Bodyboard Bag

This is a premium quality bodyboard bag that is going to last you along time. This is thanks for it’s hard wearing outer fabric that will stand up to lots of heavy duty work, such as dragging though the sand and throwing in the car.

It is capable of holding up to three boards (44″ each board), so if you want a bag that has plenty of space, this the right one. You might not even plan on taking three boards with you, however, it gives you the option of extra space for things like towels and fins. So you can everything you need for a day at the beach in one bag.

Another reason we really like this bodyboard bag is the zip storage pockets. There is plenty of secure space to lock away valuables like your phone and wallet. This give piece of mind when walking to the beach, as you know they aren’t going to fall out your pocket when climbing over fences or rocks as you try to find the perfect place to pitch up for the day.

The in built vents allow air to dry out your gear once you have had enough time in the surf. The padded carry handles make carrying this easy, so even when you’ve got a wet wetsuit inside, it’s still an easy walk off the beach. It even has a side strap option, if you don’t like having the double strap look on your back.

This is one of the best bodyboard bags on the list and our favourite bag when it comes to taking three bodyboards to the beach.

Northcore – 44 inch Bodyboard Bag

Northcore bodyboard bag

This is one of my favourite looking bodyboard bags, the print, design and colour all work well to make this bodyboard bag stand out against all others. This is a perfect day bag and offers solid protection for up to 2 body boards that are 42 inches.

If you are just looking to transport one, then you would be able to get a board up to 44 inches inside this bodyboard bag. With the external zip pocket, you’re able to store your wet gear, towel or fins – which is handy for getting lots to the beach in one handy space. 

This Northcore bodyboard bag is made from a durable polyester material which means it’s going to stand the test of time and endure some of the bumps that you get when trying to transport your boards around. The zips are anti-corrosive, so therefore the salt water is not going to do damage and mean that you are replacing the bodyboard bag soon. The zippers feature a loop system, which I found really useful as there’s nothing worse than trying to grab hold of zips with cold hands.

It features the drainage system that allows your wet gear to leak out and not make the bag heavy. The padded shoulders are comfortable and made carrying all of your equipment relatively easy. Northcore also make this bodyboard bag in a camouflage colour and red design if you’re not a fan of the bright blue.

Circle One – Triple Bodyboard Bag

Circle One bodyboard bag for 3 bodyboards

As you would expect to find, a triple bodyboard bag is going to be very spacious and allow you plenty of room to store your boards in. If you are looking at ways to minimise the things that you need to carry, then this Circle One bodyboard bag is going to be very effective in allowing you to put lots of things into one space.

It features a super tough cordura outer fabric which is very durable and will last you a long time. This bag has a large external pocket that allow you to store additonal bodyboard essentials such as fins and leash. The pockets are big enough to store all your wet gear inside too. Ideal for day use or when travelling.

Radbug – Travel Bodyboard Bag

Best bodyboard bag for travelling

This Radbug product is aimed for bodyboarders who probably intend on travelling. Back in my youth when I was travelling around Australia and Bali, I took my surfboard with me. Inside it was half of my wardrobe, as it meant I could get on planes without having to pay any excess baggage charges. This bodyboard bag is great as it’s large enough to carry up to 3 bodyboards as well as lots of additional things.

It has a large compartment for you to store clothes in, it also has a sizeable pouch for you to store wet equipment. In terms of  storage size for body boards, you will be able to store at least three boards in size of up to 43.5 in. One good feature of this bodyboard bag is that it has adjustable volume to it,  therefore you’re able to shrink It down by pulling on the belts to make it smaller and easier to store or transport.

As it is designed for travel, you can also drag it along behind you as it has trolley wheels, so if it becomes too heavy to carry on your back you can always wheel it as you would a suitcase. As you would imagine with a travel bodyboard bag,  it is very durable and has anti abrasion fabric with up to 5 mm of foam to ensure that your body boards are kept in good condition while in transit.

Saltrock – Corp – Bodyboard Bag

Saltrock double bag

With a great colour scheme, this Saltrock bodyboard bag will help you to stand out in the crowd. The bag has been designed with a spacious main compartment and a heavy duty zip that will keep all of your belongings secure on the inside. The padded straps work well and are comfortable on the shoulder, so I will make your trip to the beach relatively pain-free. On the inside, there is a separate zip section for valuables such as your keys, wallet and phone.

This is a lightweight and compact bodyboard bag that is perfect for taking your boards to the beach. If you have bought yourself a Saltrock bodyboard, then this bag will ensure you stay on brand at the beach!

Gul Bodyboard Bag

Double Bodyboard bag

This is a good bodyboard bag as it allows you to store up to 2 bodyboards in the main compartment, so if it is just the two boards you need to get to the beach, this will do you and your family just fine.  There is a front compartment that features drainage pockets,  this is really important as it allows you to store all of your wet gear in at the end of your session. This will allow the water to drain out and not make your bag incredibly heavy when it’s time to leave the beach. It has adjustable shoulder straps that are well padded, so carrying the bag is not a problem.

Alder – Global S3 Bodyboard Bag

Triple bodyboard bag

Another triple deck option, this is a very popular bodyboard bag from Alder, that allows you to store 3 boards that are up to 45 inches in length. This is important as not all triple bodyboard bags can take body boards of this size, which is probably why it is so popular.  It has multiple zip pockets which is very useful when you are looking to take all of your beach gear in one bag. 

As a family we found this quite useful as we were able to transport multiple boards and also carry picnic blankets, sun cream and drinks all-in-one space. This is important as it frees up your hands to carry more things or alternatively, it’s good for holding onto your little ones hands as you are not lumbered with everything else. It comes in three different colour schemes so you will be able to find a colour that suits you. As is standard in most bodyboard bags, it has the free draining mesh pocket to allow water to escape.

Two Bare Feet – 44” Daily Bag Double Bodyboard Bag

patterned bodyboard bag up to four bodyboards

With a very cool design, this is one of the best bodyboard bags for anyone who wants to store multiple boards. Two Bare Feet have made this bag with more than one option. You can choose from the single, double, triple and even quad bodyboard bag!!

This bag could be used to transport more than one bodyboard or just as a single use day bag as it will help with getting your bodyboard and other belongings to the beach. The two front pockets allow for good extra storage and we managed to get lots of gear inside before it was full. With a premium polyester fabric and anti corrosion zippers you can count on this being a durable bag.

What to look for in a Bodyboard Bag?

  • Polyester fabric – Nearly all of the bodyboard bags that we have reviewed have come with a strong polyester fabric. The benefit of this material is that it is very durable and can be quick drying so that the bag can recover from regular trips to the beach. Often a trip to the beach means putting the bag down on rocks, where the fabric could potentially be damaged, a strong polyester material keeps the board safe from any dings or scratches on rocks and also means that it will last you a long time.
  • Strong zips –  the corrosive nature of salt water from the sea means that any type of metal will eventually succumb to the elements and therefore become hard to use. Look for a bodyboard bag that has an anti corrosive zip so it doesn’t break from overuse and exposure to the elements. One feature we liked in some of the boards, was a fabric loop  attached to the zip, as when hands were cold and wet it made using zips and easy an easy task
  • Mesh lining – You should find that all of the bags in this review have a mesh lining,  this is because we only wanted to review the best bodyboards on the market.  The mesh lining is used to store your wet gear inside. This is really helpful as it means the bag can stay relatively dry, as the water will be free to leak out of the mesh lining. Additionally, it means that the bag will not get too heavy, as the water has somewhere to go while you are exiting your day at the beach. Another good bodyboard bag feature is that once your wetsuit is off, you have somewhere to store it so that it does not become covered in sand. 
  • Pockets – A lot of people will reach out to me and ask whether they should get a bodyboard bag. The answer is always yes. If you own a bodyboard, why not have an easy mode of transport for it rather than having to tuck it under your arm and reduce the other things you can carry. As soon as you have children, the things you need to take to the beach increase dramatically, therefore having a quality bodyboard bag with lots of pockets allows you to take so many things to the beach. When we have been to the beach with friends they normally end up buying one at the end of their trip, as we are able to store food, drink, towels and other items inside the bag as well as easily transport our own body boards. 
  • Padded Straps – As I have said above earlier, we’ve only reviewed the top bodyboard bags so you can be sure that the padded straps come as standard. If you choose to buy a different bag that is not on this list, make sure that the straps are well padded, as the weight of all the equipment you carry will take its toll on those shoulders and you will be wishing you invested in a bag that had good quality padding.

What are the other benefits of a Bodyboard Bag?

Having a bodyboard bag is an excellent way of getting your bodyboard to the beach. If you have a family you’ll probably have more than one bodyboard therefore, a multiple bodyboard bag allows you to take all of your family’s bodyboards to the beach in one convenient bag. In my experience, making life easier is an important life choice, making this an essential purchase.

Travelling around on planes to various destinations with your bodyboard can become a lot easier with a quality travel bodyboard bag, as it means your bodyboard is well protected from those pesky baggage handlers. It also means you can include other items at the same time. This is helpful as it saves on any excess baggage fees and generally just makes travelling easier, as you have more than one spot to store clothes and other items.