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Best Surfing Beaches in Devon

Surfing in Devon

Devon is fast becoming known as one of the best surfing spots in the UK. Home to some of the most beautitful coves with excellent surfing conditions. Whether you’re heading to the North or South Devon, there are top surfing beaches to be found.

In this article we will review;

  • Croyde
  • Bantham
  • Woolacombe
  • Putsborough
  • Saunton Sands
  • Lynmouth
  • Westwood Ho!
  • Bigbury on Sea and Challaborough
  • Wembury Beach
Best beach in Devon for surfing


One of the most popular surfing spots in North Devon is Croyde. It is famous for its perfect barrels at low tide and you can find some of the best swells here over the winter. Most UK surfers will always plan a trip here for it’s perfect surfing conditions. Croyde is a picturesque small coastal town with a top rated surfing school. It is a very busy Summer holiday destination for good reasons so make sure you book your accomodation early! Be sure to check out our full review on Croyde Bay here.


Bantham beach is found in South Devon. It is one of the best beaches you’ll find on the South Coast. Bantham offers a consistent swell however inexperienced surfers can be caught out by the rip from the River Avon. If you’re a beginner surfer stay close to the beach. Those with experience can catch some great swells further out. With it being a popular surfing destination due to its constant swell, it can be a very busy beach. There is also a popular coastal walk to Burgh island.


Another very popular surfing spot in North Devon is Woolacombe. It is a favourite holiday spot for families, with a three mile beach which benefits from the Devon microclimate. In the summer the beach is awash with buckets and spades, windbreakers and people decked out in wetsuits. You’ll catch the best waves here at low tide. The waves can be pretty mellow so good for longboarders and beginners. Woolacombe is it popular location to take your bodyboard.


Located between Woolacombe and Croyde, Putsborough is a beautiful 3 mile beach that can offer some cracking waves. On a good day it can offer a good swell for experienced surfers. Locals will know that the south end by the cliffs has its dangers so if you’re new to this beach, speak with a local who can offer you good tips. On a more mellow day, it is a great spot to begin surfing or practise.

Saunton Sands

A large and idyllic beach, Saunton Sands beach is visible from the road as you snake into Croyde Bay. Be sure to pull in if you wanted to check out the surf conditions from the road, the view of the waves can be a distraction when driving. It is a popular surfing spot for those with longboards particularly at low tide. Saunton Sands is also a popular place if you are a beginner surfer. There is a very popular hotel; The Saunton Sands Hotel, offers a view over the whole Bay. if you can’t afford the nightly rate it is a good spot to stop for some lunch or a drink while taking in the view.


Lynmouth is one of the lesser known surfing spots in Devon. Found on the North Coast it is only a place really for experienced surfers. It is one of very few high quality point breaks in this part of the country. For this reason it can become a very crowded surfing spot when the conditions come into alignment and create a fantastic swell. Lynmouth itself is a good town to visit with the family with the cliffside railway being a popular tourist attraction.

Westwood Ho!

Westwood Ho! can often be overlooked as a surfing spot. However when you get over the pebbly start to the beach you can enjoy some fun waves. Locals say that there can be the odd day where you can get a good swell. This is definitely beginner surfer territory and a good family beach spot. The town itself has gone through some rejuvenation and is fast becoming a popular holiday destination in Devon.

Bigbury on Sea and Challaborough

Situated near to bantham beach on the other side of the River Avon, you will find the twin beaches of Bigbury on sea and Challabourough. Challaborough is popular South Devon surfing spot. You’ll find the best waves here in the Winter. Decent waves here are inconsistent and there are some hazardous rocks that locals would be able to warn you of. This is a popular beach day destination with a holiday park very close by meaning good beach facilities.

Wembury Beach

Located near Plymouth, Wembury beach is another favourite surfing spot on the south coast of Devon. It has been known to hold up to 10 foot swells on a good day, with a good ride out. It is a fun place to surf with the waves not too strong, meaning that anyone can give surfing here a go. Best conditions are in the Spring and it can get pretty busy too.

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