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Best Gifts for Surfers

Looking for the best gifts for a surfer? Look no further. This buyers guide to the best present for a surfer includes some of our favourite surfing products.

What Should I Buy For A Surfer?

Choosing gifts for surfers can be a difficult task. Unless you’re planning on buying a new board to froth over, we thought a list of some of more budget friendly surfing essentials would be of use. There are plenty of niche accessories on the market that would help to enhance any surfers lifestyle. Some of which are incredibly useful, it’s just you probably didn’t know they existed. This list of surf gifts will help you to choose a present for a friend or loved one who is a die hard surf enthusiast.

The surf gifts we have included in this list we have either bought, been given or given it as a gift to a fellow surfer! Some of these surfer gifts will go down a treat should you pull out a water sports enthusiast in a secret Santa.

When it comes to budget surf gifts you should be able to find what you need on this page. If your partner is a surf lover then you may want to spend over a hundred pounds on things such as a new surf board or a wetsuit. For the more frugal shopper, you might be more interested in the presents that will not break the bank, yet leave a loved one happy that they got something surf related.

Surfing Poncho Towel

best changing towel surf gift

The beauty of this present is that it’s not exclusive to just wearing to the beach. The poncho beach towel allows you to get changed in and out of your wetsuit, without the risk of dropping your towel. This is the perfect gift to ensure that your meat and two veg are only seen on the dinner table and not at the beach! They are so functional that you will wonder why you didn’t invest in one sooner. The world went crazy for the “onesie” at one stage…if more people knew about these towels I think it’d have the same effect!

The reason I say they are not exclusive to the beach is that I regularly use mine when I go swimming with my kids. As soon as you take your kids anywhere, you realise that you are no longer priority number one. This gift allows you to stay warm and dry whilst you get everyone else ready before you focus on yourself.

This is a budget friendly gift and one your loved one will really appreciate.

Surfer Mug

Surfer Mug Present Idea

Do you need a really cheap gift for a surfer? Well this mug will serve you well and keep a keen surfer happy that their lifestyle choices are on show for everyone else!

The printed design is multicoloured and holds up to 10oz of liquid, so you can have a good fill of your favourite coffee or tea. One nice feature with this gift option is that in can be personalised with a name or logo, so your loved one will feel that extra bit special!

Big Wave Surfer Book: Kai Lenny

Big Wave Surfer Books Present Idea

This gift idea will go down well with any surf enthusiast. Kai Lenny is a world renowned big wave surfer, who has surfed some of the most epic waves around the world. This books shares some of the stories from his life and also the perspectives of others high profile surfers such as Shane Dorian and Peter Mel.

This is a good birthday or Christmas gift idea. The photo’s of some notorious surf spots like Mavericks, Teahupoo and Nazare could even inspire the anti-surfer to reconsider their views and hit the waves.

Surf Map Picture

Surfer Gift Map of Surf Spots

We love this surf map as it’s informative, useful and inspirational for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of surfing. Firstly, you get a pretty cool map of the world. We have this map in our toilet and have pins stuck in the surf spots we have been to.

Our kids have learnt a lot of countries and capital cities thanks to this being on our wall, so it has been a well received gift.

More importantly though, is that is has given us ideas of where to holiday and where to head to, to experience a high quality surf break. While we can’t necessarily visit them all, we are going to try and tick some off and then leave our kids to fulfilll our legacy.

A really good surfer gift idea that will not break the bank!

VW Surf Campervan Clock

Novelty Surf Gift

If you have been along the UK coastline, you’ve probably looked longingly at a Volkswagen Campervan, thinking to yourself “one day I will own on” well now you can….in a way.

This novelty surf clock will suit someone who longs for the beach lifestyle but can’t always be there. It’s a nice gift idea for Dad or Mum as they will appreciate the thought, as we can’t always have our dream car, but we can certainly enjoy a piece of it.

It is battery operated and has a quality quartz timepiece that allows you to count down until your next session in the surf.

Wetsuit Changing Mat and Bag

Best Changing Mat

One of the difficulties any surfer faces is getting out of a wetsuit once it’s wet. If you’ve ever wrestled your foot out of a soggy welly, you will understand that it’s no easy “feet” (pardon the pun).

Often you may try standing on the wetsuit as you peel it from your skin, unfortunately this can be hazardous.  For example, if you are getting changed on the car park, any sharp stones or gravel could cause your expensive wetsuit to rip, which would be a disaster.

The changing mat helps eliminate this risk by providing a durable footing to stand on. This means no uncomfortable cold or debris is hurting your feet and you are not risking your wetsuit health.

This present would be two-fold as the change mat doubles up as a waterproof bag to store your wetsuit in once you’re done. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on doing other activities after your surf, as the rest of your car and belongings can stay dry. This Northcore grass mat is especially appealing as it can be washed and hung out to dry once you are done.

Van and Car Seat Covers

Campervan gift idea

Back when I first started surfing, I took  personal pride in the fact that my car was an absolute wreck.  The more sand inside the better, and on a cold day, when I could not be bothered to get changed, I would hop straight into the car with my soaking wet wetsuit.

As you can imagine, all that salt water was not very beneficial for my car seat interior and the resale value of my car was not something to boast about. Nowadays my car is no longer a personal dumping ground, but an important part of my lifestyle. I do not want to ruin the interior and also do not want to worry about damaging them.

These van and car seat covers are a great purchase for anybody you know who enjoys surfing.  They’re made from a tough water-resistant material and fits most single car and van seats. If you require a double seat they also have that range available. These really are a great purchase if you are looking to keep your car clean on those day trips to the beach. They help take any worry away about wet clothes and sand damaging your car – so for the peace of mind they are worth considering.

Surfboard or Bodyboard Bag

Body Board Bag

We’ve already established that you might not want to buy a surfboard as a birthday gift for a friend due to the price. However, why not buy something of similar shape in a surfboard or bodyboard bag – they will love it and it will save you a heap of cash!

Surfboard bags are an essential requirement for any surfer looking to protect their board. It allows for safe transport when travelling to the beach. It is also beneficial for storage within your house or garage as any minor falls or drop will not damage the board, due to the protective lining within the surfboard bag. I found it really useful as a second suitcase when travelling – as anything I couldn’t fit in my rucksack, went inside the surfboard bag.

Things to consider when buying a surfboard or bodyboard bag will be the size and shape of the board which is going inside.  There are some great bags to choose from and you will be able to cover almost any board shape and size. They come with straps to further help your carry to to the beach. This is a good present idea for a family of surfers, as it’s practical and something they will always be able to use.

Surf Fitness Training Tools

fitness surf gift

If you are looking at buying a birthday present for a keen surfer who does not live by the beach, then have a look at this Northcore Powerstroke fitness tool. These are designed to improve upper body strength for surfing and should help build your muscular endurance within the major muscles used when paddling. They are essentially, resistance bungee cords, that have handles to help replicate the motion used when surfing. If you can’t be at the beach everyday, at least you can make sure that you’re in tip top condition for when you are in the water. 

Wetsuit Hanger

Wetsuit Hanger Rail

Drying a wetsuit is a painstaking experience. They like to hold onto the water and always end up dripping somewhere in your house.

This wetsuit hanger from c-monsta is a little beauty and a real problem solver in terms of getting all of your wet gear dry for the next day. It allows you to store all of your wetsuit essentials in one place. It can be stored on the back of a camper van, in a room or shower area to keep your wetsuit out of the harmful UV sunlight.

As you can see, it is designed to hold a wetsuit through the middle, whilst also being able to hold your boots and gloves if needed. It is strong and durable as it can hold up to 15kg of gear. I’ve had hangers break or damaged clothes lines through drying my wetsuit before, so this really is a useful tool to consider when drying your wetsuit. A great budget gift idea for a water sport enthusiast.

Waterproof Key and Phone Case

cheap surf gift

One major inconvenience when going surfing by yourself, is knowing what to do with your key when you hit the water.  I have already mentioned my old banger of a car from my early youth. Well, the old Ford Fiesta key was not an issue as I can put it inside my wetsuit key holder and not worry about any damage. Nowadays, your modern key system will not still be working if you take it into the sea with you, which is why you need to invest in a waterproof case.

This Northcore Key and Phone case is a great gift idea for any surfer. It is made of a flexible PVC material and has a double seal waterproofing system which will stop any water affecting your gear. It also includes a stretch armband which is really useful for anyone wishing to use it while  stand up paddle boarding as the touch screen feature is still able to be used.

Surf Wax Box

cool surfing gift

Now this present idea is not necessarily an essential purchase,  but it would be a very thoughtful gift to buy for a friend who enjoys surfing. Having somewhere to keep your wax is useful for a number of reasons. One, it helps keep it clean, so the wax avoids picking up any unwanted debris. Two, it avoids any mess – melted wax in a hot car is not something you are going to want to clean up.

Finally, it’s a great looking gift for someone to have out on their desk or within their room. The magnetic lid feature works well and the bamboo style makes for a handsome looking gift.

Skim Board

Good Skim Board for Xmas

Now every surfer wants to spend time improving their craft out on the waves. However, the ocean can be a cruel mistress and sometimes your trip to the beach will not be rewarded by a huge swell and barrelling waves. Therefore it is important to have something up your sleeve for those flat days, when you still want to spend some time at the beach. This gift idea is perfect for when the sea wont play ball, as you can have some fun skim boarding. 

Skim boarding is great fun, but be warned you may spend a few goes on your backside when learning how to do this. When choosing a skim board make sure you choose a product that fits the weight of the person using it. This skim board has been designed for teenagers and adults that weigh more than 40 kg, so just check before you buy to ensure you get the board you need.

The nose of the skim board is pre-curved so you can avoid digging into the sand after a bad throw. It’s high quality and comes in many different colour options. If you want the perfect gift for a brother or sister, this will fall with the budget and cheer someone up for their birthday or Christmas.

Surfing Hood

Surfing Hood Surf Gift

You might have a friend that is so in love with surfing that they will do it all year round and no matter what the weather is like. Therefore a great gift idea for the die-hard surfer is a surfing hood. Anyone who surfs beyond the summer would benefit from one of these, as it will help keep the head warm and avoid losing any additional warmth. 

This present idea is not going to break your budget and I’m sure the person receiving it would be incredibly grateful for your thoughtful gift. This 2 mm neoprene surfing hood will be of use to any of your surfing friends.

Help Choosing A Thoughtful Gift For Surfers

Choosing the perfect gift involves more than just picking an item off the shelf. I am guilty of leaving things to the last minute and then rushing in to find anything. Usually I end up feeling guilty that I have left it late and then spend more than I planned to make up for my thoughtful gesture. Thoughtful gift-giving is an art that reflects your consideration for the recipient’s personality, preferences, and needs. Here are some tips to help you master the art of choosing meaningful presents:

Start by knowing your recipients interests. If they like camper vans, skimboards or SUP you will be able to find a bespoke piece that will mean something to them. Tailoring the gift to their passion will demonstrate you’ve put some genuine thought into your choice.

Listen out to stories your friend tells you. They may be surfing a certain beach or reef break. A picture or piece of artwork from this area will mean something to them and provide an cheap surf gift that means lots.

Consider the needs of the person. It’s no good buying what they already have (unless it’s better). There might be a small token that will enhance their routines or day to day life. The wax comb box seems a simple gift, but its really useful for providing somewhere to keep your wax safe and clean.

Depending on the person, sentimental gifts are often cherished for a lifetime. If you can make it personal then people will know you are really in tune with their life. While a mug is a cheap gift, if you’ve made it personal, your secret Santa will be loving it this Christmas.

Quality over quantity is good present buying advice. Sometimes you just want to fill a package with tat so it looks like you’ve tried. However this inevitable brings down the quality. A well crafted item that aligns with the persons interests will make a more significant impact that something flashy, short lived or grouped together junk!

One final piece of advice for choosing a thoughtful surf gift is to avoid stereotypes. Try not to offend people and their interests. Just because someone is getting old doesn’t mean they want reminding (unless you have this type of relationship). Focus on the individuals unique personality and tastes.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the key to selecting the perfect gift for surfers is understanding their unique preferences and needs. Pay attention to their surfing habits, favourite spots, and the gear they currently use. This will help you ride the wave of thoughtful gift-giving and ensure that your chosen present aligns with their passion for the sea.

If you’re interested in buying someone a gift for the beach – check out our Top Beach Essentials list.

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