best beach trip essentials

Beach Trip Essentials

Heading to the beach with your family is always exciting. The sun will be out (fingers crossed!). The kids will be loving playing in the sand and water. The grown ups hopefully get time for some fun surfing or relaxing! Check out our beach trip essentials guide.

What Should I Take To The Beach?

Do you ever have a panic thinking, what should I take the beach? Especially if you are taking your kids to the beach. Making sure you have the key beach trip essentials will help your beach day go smoother and be less stressful.

Ove the years we have learnt what makes taking the kids to the beach easier. From trialling different products and seeing what other families do and have, helped us make this list of the Top beach trip essentials.

best beach essentials

Our Top Beach Trip Essentials

Pop Beach Tent

You can’t go to a beach without seeing at least one of these pop up beach tents. They are a very popular beach must hav,e and there is a very good reason for it. Buy the right beach tent and they can fulfil various roles. If you get one that can close up with a zip and it becomes your very own beach changing room. We all know how tricky it is change on the beach!

A pop up beach tent also becomes a good play area for babies and young toddlers as good ones have a good sun protection and create a shaded area. Lastly, having a pop up tent can also act as a windbreaker for when you’re heading for a quick beach trip and don’t need to take a separate one.

Bluetooth Speaker

This is a relatively new addition to our beach trips but we have really enjoyed taking a Bluetooth speaker to the beach. Whether it is to play our favourite tunes or perhaps a while ago to play soothing baby music (or white noise!) to get the little one to nap. The Bluetooth speaker can make the beach that little bit more fun – just remember to be respectful to your beach neighbours! We wouldn’t recommend taking your best one to the beach either as there is definitely high risk of damage!

Beach Trolley

This beach essential was the game changer. Once our kids were too old for the double pram – which doubled up as our beach trolley/cart/transport…the list goes on. If you’re wondering which double pram is perfect for the beach. Then check this out, this beach trolley is lightweight and runs over the sand perfectly! A beach cart isn’t cheap but you buying a well designed and useful product. The cart itself is lightweight and collapsible, this particular one we recommend also comes with its own cooler bag.

A beach trolley helps you load up all your beach essentials. You can include your windbreaker, beach tent, toys, bodyboards, cool box and even the kids!

Beach Blanket

Getting yourself a water and sand resistant beach blanket helps minimise the annoyance of sand getting everywhere within seconds of it being laid down. We really like this one because it is a large in size but also comes with four stakes so you can peg it down into the sand. This beach blanket really does make a difference and you’ll see it the first time you use it compared to a normal picnic blanket. It comes in a small carry bag which stays attached so no danger of the light storage bag being blown away.

Beach Cool Box

Not a new invention but one that you may feel is too much effort to take to the beach! If you haven’t got the spare hand to carry, then if you invest in our previously mentioned beach trolley taking a cool box to the beach will be no trouble.

Load one up with all your snacks and drinks for the day at the beach, and everyone will be happy! We found 3 cool bars will last you long enough. With having children at the beach, toys and food are all you need to stop any moans that may happen. We do like to stick in a couple of cold beers too to enjoy late in the afternoon!

Metal Drinks Bottles

Sometimes you may not be heading to the beach for a full day out but perhaps a couple of hours in the afternoon. That is when a beach cool box isn’t perhaps essential. We definitely recommend getting yourself a stainless steel water bottle, and anyone else in the family. They keep your drinks nice and cold for a good length of time, even if the sun is scorching. Who says they always have to carry just water in them…we’ve even been known to make up a nice gin and tonic in them!

Beach Chairs

Having beach chairs will help you enjoy your beach trip in comfort. There is an array of styles of chairs that people take to then beach and it really is about what level of comfort you need. A lot of people do take standard camping chairs to beach however we definitely recommend getting a foldable and reclining beach chair which also comes with a mat. They allow you to lie on the beach whilst having your back propped up and supported. They are lightweight so easy to transport around.

Beach Dry Bag

Not something that might come to mind for a day at the beach with the family but we have found that taking a good-sized dry bag is a worthwhile beach trip essential to have with you. If you all enjoy having fun in the water, then its good to take one so that at the end of the day all your wet and sandy beachwear can go in one bag together. Don’t forget all the wet stuff will be a heavy carry that’s why we recommend one that you can carry as a backpack.

Hooded Beach Towels

A hooded beach towel is a much needed and recommended beach essential for adults and children. We all love ours. They are ideal to put on after you’ve taken your wet beachwear off. They allow you to get changed discretely and with modesty. Check out our Top Hooded Poncho towels here for the reviews of the best towels.

Waterproof Key and Phone case

Getting yourself one of these takes away any stress of leaving your valuables on the beach. If you’re surfing, or doing any water sports it can be attached inside your wetsuit. These waterproof key and phone cases definitely ease the stress at the beach. When you are wanting to you play with the kids in the water it can be attached to your arm. It can store your phone, keys and bank cards, therefore you really don’t have to worry!

What Should I Take To The Beach for Children?

There are other beach essentials to consider when you are heading their with young children. Staying safe at the beach is of course most important to ensure a great day out.

Making sure your children are also able to play safely in the sun and the water, makes for a very relaxing and stress-free day. Check out some of our beach essentials for children.

what to take to the beach for children

First Aid Kit

This is one thing that you may remember to pack for your holiday, however taking a first aid kit to the beach can really help in situations where your little may end up with a little one cut or graze from a sharp stone or shell.


An obvious one but still worthy of reminder. Even if you feel that the sun isn’t that strong, it is really important to still think about sunscreen at the beach. A bit of wind and also the water can make sunburn possible.


A bit like a swimming costume but comes with long arms and more coverage on the legs. Decent children’s sunsuits are made from high quality material that gives their skin more sun protection. Most useful – the more they are covered up, the less faff with applying sunscreen at the beach! An alternative to consider is children’s wetsuit. They’re good for beach trips in the UK when the water isn’t quite as warm as your hoped!

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